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What a drag: gender bending Top 10 Fashion Moments by Meghan Blalock

March 22, 2012
After a very bourgeois (and yes, Cathy Horyn, impressive) Downton Abbey appearance of Louis Vuitton at Fashion Week in Paris, with a locomotive up and running, women in hats, large and worthy of Marie Antoinette statement that "No girl has a sack this season, will be made for them," was the legendary designer Marc Jacobs at the opening of his own exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts Bears, after all, what a very relaxed (but brilliant!) pink polo dress. Looking nontradtional Jacobs inspired at least one fashion editor in the tri-state area to ask who else is fashionable to have crossed the lines between the sexes in the names of haute couture?

The inspiration: Marc Jacobs in a pink dress, March 2012
Louis Vuitton artistic director Marc Jacobs in a dress shirt and pink shoes, pimped pilgrims (I guess?) At the opening of the exhibition of his Louis Vuitton - Marc Jacobs: The exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris from March 7. I give it two weeks until we actually see polo players Nacho Figueras on this computer exactly the same.

 Marc Jacobs covers the industry, January 2010
The only person who can do-Marc Jacobs is a woman. This time, the designer appears in full drag deliver tighter heel a wig, makeup and high for this coverage and in the magazine industry. It is also interesting to note that the spirits were at stake, the left leg right leg completely Jacobs Stomp (Har Har) Angelina Jolie. It's really not fair.

Andrej Pejic Jean Paul Gaultier, January 2011
Oh, how the way the androgynous beings worshiped. The new flagship is the first model to go with success, both men and women start and landing strips in a week when he appeared at Paris Fashion Week 2011, in Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Spring 2011 men and shows women. Interestingly, wore a dress on the show not just women - who can forget how they looked beautiful in that dress provocatively? - But the House of Lords, to which was also in a suit. And now the reigning king (or queen's this?) Androgyny has a contract with beauty than anything else stuck to Mr. Gaultier. Do not worry.

Lady Gaga as Jo Calderone in Vogue Hommes Japan, September 2010
A list of the biggest fashion icons of resistance would be a mistake to omit the drag pop pet. Not a part of Lady Gaga car must be highly committed, Jo has its own Twitter and Facebook - which by the way, a biography of him as "international" male "supermodel" - appeared in the music video for you and I, and MTV, including last year's VMA open. This phenomenon was particularly genius, like a rumpled suit Gaga and Brooks Brothers used a sock in the drawer of a sartorially all pop artists of another woman in the hall - I turn to you, Nicki, Katy, and Jessie J, a sincere attempt to glorify excess of cosmetics, a broken foot and crutches - were almost completely transparent in its efforts to the forefront of the trend to self-replicate Gaga kickoff.

 Coco Chanel pants, everyone else
Seriously, ladies, we should all say a prayer of thanks to Ms. Coco Chanel Every day we put on the pants - maybe a mantra for each stage of the morning when we dress, "thanks" for the right leg, "Chanel "left. The revolutionary creator was the first to point out the ridiculousness of corsets and dresses painful for women were limited in the early 1900's, and basically invented the style of casual, we are now all our weekend brunch and tours luxuriate purchases. Maybe I'm expanding the definition of "drag" a little here, but I will follow the example of Ms. Chanel and gives me room to breathe.

 Almost all Miu Miu Fall 2012 collection, March 2012
In this sense, has always paid great tribute to Ms. Prada the majesty of his pants in the Miu Miu Fall 2012 Live during Fashion Week in Paris. Or more precisely, they went to the bat suit pants, Chanel is another gift that is always part of the modern woman's wardrobe, and also an excellent example of the power of classic female chorus: "What can always think you can do better. "Now, who wants to get a Blazer hat right?

 Benjamin Dukhan bride, Jean Paul Gaultier, 2011
And now you can kiss ... the beard? An interpreter of Bender / musician / gender, which moonlights as a model sometimes seems, Benjamin Dukhan quite unlimited, and as such is difficult to put into words. I will talk about his official Facebook page biography for themselves: "In 2010, his alter-ego created Benjamin burger girl, and his" electro-dog world in which sex and blood is mixed with romance and the spirituality. "In fact, Benjamin. Indeed.

 Tanel Bedrossiantz as maid of honor, Jean Paul Gaultier, 2011
Perhaps the first of its kind, came early Bedrossiantz Tanel women and fashion shows since 1980, making it a cult classic in the world of fashion. Often, when Jean-Paul Gaultier, cites his muse, he made many good performances for decades, but especially in Gaultier Fall / Winter 2011 shows just how awesome bridesmaid sashaying down the catwalk in a black and white visible soil along the foot of Spring, not far behind Mr. Dukhan married.

 James Franco, candy magazine covers, 2010
The count - the player for his antics in the world of science known as fashion - with the exception that the sweet after its launch in 2009, carried out. "First transsexual Style Magazine" This coverage became instantly in an Internet sensation when it was published, representing James Franco - photographed by Terry Richardson - bright red lipstick, blue eye shadow, long gloves black leather, and art deco jewelry. The best part is that he appeared at the same time, in one of the covers of the December issue of GQ magazine as the most important man of the year. Perhaps he was also Gooky Gooky.

 Agyness Deyn with James Franco for, shot in 2011
Perhaps Franco is no stranger to fashion, after all. Launched this amazing track for the July issue of Elle magazine last year, represents Agyness Deyn - Fashion Andrej Pejic androgyny recent favorite before the acquisition - as James Dean. I was totally obsessed with these vaccines when he left, not only because it is visually very big, but also because it is a Criss James Franco, James Dean, pushes Deyn, has played a female model, like the immortal same movie , is the star, once submitted. Genius.

This is All About  What a Drag Gender Bending Top 10 Fashion Moments by Meghan Blalock.


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