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Better Then Therapy by Alix Strauss

In A bid to zap her inner demons and reset her brain,Alix Strauss Desided to try a radical form of  treatment:EMDR Therapy.

By:Alix Strauss

I'm in the Hamptons, a book signing, when my ex with whom I had a horrible break and did not see more than two years, appears in front of me. He does not want an autograph, and I know he is already in the possession of my novel, is clearly here to see me. But when our eyes meet, he gets angry and leaves. Instead of turning a blind eye as I do in traumatic situations, I am calm and testing of the matter-of-fact. A year ago I was a basket case, a broken heart, obsessive checking of my head, other possibilities, the meeting could have gone.
When we parted, I found the location of the painful memories of our relationship and not have to live my life. I tried all the conventional means imaginable: speech pathology (What would I was a week for three years at the time), spitting countless friends, crying allocate time each day, burning photos, and even go on a series of blind dates. Nothing worked. I was crying and depressed, stuck in the past.
Finally, my therapist suggested that a form of psychotherapy EMDR Desensitization and Reprocessing Eye Movement, or try. Bilateral stimulation therapy to release negative memories, feelings and emotions, EMDR is controversial with light, sound and development experience that helps the brain process is disordered. It sounded like mumbo jumbo to me, but I was desperate. I have uncovered and walk down Fifth Avenue, if you had told me it would help.
A few weeks later I found myself sitting on a beige carpet in an office on the Upper East Side, along the lines of the sofa with the lights dimmed. I had my walkman headphones, a device of the type in my lap. Before me, an exploration of eight feet long was standing in the eyes on a small tripod. Mini green lights blinked and moved rhythmically from left to right, along with the development of sound that came through the headphones. Amos said that Romero, EMDR therapist, is the founding director of the Trauma Center of the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy in New York. A discreet, friendly woman who came out as an LL Bean catalog is Rosemary began the session with me, a particularly painful to recover memories. I chose when I receive a voice message from my ex-lover. The voice of the woman, with her crisp British accent, rang constantly, "Their relationship is doomed and dysfunctional, because they are familiar with the back behind me." I imagined the conversation that my former pathetic and I was behind my apartment when he lied about the situation and insisted that he would at all. While sitting in the office, I felt the beating of my heart, pain and anger felt inner voice of Rosemary was in the air as I tried to answer your questions.? What do you see How would you describe your level of anxiety What do you think?
I followed the lights. I listened to sounds. I answered your questions.I said that my level was 4 or 5 of 10. To my surprise, tears streaming down my face. But as I grasped the raw emotions he felt strangely calm and clinically I was very aware that this therapy is not a collapse. When she asked how I felt, were the words out: The loss of too much. It hurts all the time.
EMDR was developed by California psychologist Shapiro, Francine, who, while walking in a park one day in 1987 that the eye movements, appeared to reduce anxiety and intensity of disturbing thoughts developed. In the past two decades, this therapy has become extremely popular among those suffering from anxiety attacks, physical abuse and PTSD. I think this way: When we talk therapy is a journey across the country, then EMDR is a city bus.Some refer to it as did the "link therapy," because the positive results may, within three to eight sessions. Those who work on issues of trauma can be helped in three sessions.
The biggest difference between EMDR and traditional talk therapy, EMDR, even if you do not have cause to examine problems in depth, as if usually bad people. Instead, allow your brain to a particular event that you are free to focus on fixing. New York, high-octane pace makes it a logical choice. All we want stunning results in no time. EMDR for me is like a facelift office to the brain without the need for hospitalization. Today, more than 70,000 doctors are specially trained and certified in the treatment, and millions of people claim to have solved.
"EMDR is the integration of adaptation," says Romero. "The lights, sounds and typing in the information processing of the brain in a similar manner to stimulate REM sleep, when brain extracts, which is important and useful, and allows the rest." Like other specialists , EMDR, which seeks compensation, where feelings of worthlessness or depression patients can be replaced by positive thoughts. In my Anyway, I've often uttered the mantra is: ". I will pass this" "never get used up", was replaced by
After the meeting, I went home and literally could not keep my eyes open. My brain felt exhausted. Finally, I went to the decline in drug use as polished and brushed, I never do. I shared this with rosemary on my next visit. "Some people experience fatigue," he said. "Some people have vivid dreams, others are relieved."
Not everyone is a good candidate for treatment. For those who have an addiction or a physical condition such as epilepsy, trauma, EMDR could once again that the brain may not be able to handle without further preparation. And there are those in the medical community who do not buy, not the results of the rapid EMDR. "It gives people temporary relief and helps them connect emotionally, but the effect is not sustainable," Eric Braverman, clinical assistant professor of integrative medicine at Weill Cornell Medical Center, said that the Department of Neurosurgery. "EMDR remember the days when doctors to man for cocaine depression."
I disagree. As someone who was mentally and emotionally attached to a single trauma, the effects were so radical and positive. Cheryl Brinker, Part 11 Recovery Program of the Red Cross was in September, the team has had a similar experience. After several different specialists Brinker looked for her disorder post-traumatic stress, EMDR therapist suggested in 2008. "It was like my brain was frozen, and all this game, this circuit were the terrible images," he said. After five sessions she felt healed. "My mind had begun, and new paradigms such as" do what I use to eat? "The old photos are still there, but more traumatic. You do not stop me from living my life."
For me, the biggest change after my fourth session of EMDR. When I went home, a float, out of body feeling came over me. For the next two days, I was exhausted and napped for several hours each day.And then something happened. The next day, when I was in the shower, I realized I was not hurt, as he had done before. I can not explain how or why, but I felt as if my brain had reorganized. As if the fever had broken.
These days, the memories and the pain that I associate with my separation seems far away. There is an Alice in Wonderland feel like I swallowed a magic pill, not knowing what it was or how it would affect me. I have afraid to ask what were the ingredients, and do not want to inspect the drink too tight. I just know I feel better.Correction. And it feels far beyond where it belongs.

This is All About Better Then Therapy by Alix Strauss.


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