Tuesday, 13 March 2012

New 3 Tips for Best Concealer

Makeup serves one purpose: to create an illusion. Make-up, illusion, perfect skin, small nose, large eyes and lips look smoother. But if the random makeup used as a tool of beauty, can increase wrinkles, improve the appearance of scars and make your pores look like craters on the moon.

In three easy steps, you can hide the true power of the right makeup to acne damaged skin.

Step 1:Prepare your skin with moisture:
When working with makeup, skin is the canvas. Before applying makeup, you want to offer your screen clean and moisturized. One trick is to make the soft makeup using a combination of rosewater and vitamin E oil Moisture Mist. To do this, fill a spray bottle of 2 ounces of rose water and place five to ten drops of vitamin E oil in the bottle. Inserting the spray nozzle into the bottle, agitating the contents within 30 seconds, which is distributed uniformly so that the oil, then spray mist. You can get all this for under $ 10 at your local pharmacy.

Step 2:Obtain the correct base liquid:
The foundation is called the "foundation" for one fundamental reason. If you do your foundation wrong, no matter what you do in your skin, the makeup is still bad. This is what I mean. You need a base to meet not only your skin tone, but also the texture of your skin and your need for concealment of skin lesions.
For example, you have strong bases, which are ideal for people with an almost perfect skin. Then you have semi-matte foundation for people to alleviate some age spots or freckles some extend by the side you want.
Then you have the national foundation slab. Opting for this type of foundation, if you have to "cook" the makeup of having to hide imperfections. Complete with a number that can be placed in a thin layer of makeup while holding unwanted imperfections.

Step 3 Remove the makeup is complete:
Once you have enjoyed a day full of hidden defects success, now is the time to completely remove makeup. The easiest way to keep your skin is white, clean thoroughly and make-up has been really, is that you can actually feel your skin can breathe again. You can remove makeup without removing the skin with a cotton square and witch hazel. Saturate the stain with witch hazel and soften your face. Once you're done, not the place of cotton makeup gain. This purification step also help you avoid additional imperfections.

This is All About New 3 Tips for Best Concealer.


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