Friday, 30 March 2012

5 Spring's Hottest Jewelry Under $50 by Regina Damfrocht

The jewelry is so important to a stylish wardrobe any clothing. To update the style of this season, without much money to spend to see this spring, jewelry, favorable to the glamorous bohemian chic. These laptop accessories are not only noticeable during the warmer months, but work perfectly throughout the year. Ready-Set-Store!

 Pendants for romantic
Delicate lace gold earrings like these are a must this season, and they work great, very early in white. These earrings by Julia & Company offers a suite elegant faux pearl in the center, the spread of a mood feminine and romantic, while the form is hippie at heart. The intricate detail looks almost like lace, making these butterflies luxury and expensive looking.
Julia & Company Sun earrings $ 36

 Wrap the tape softer
While most wrapped in leather bracelets are always so sweet and romantic detail, and perhaps a little too hard can sometimes make the color pink with gold hardware on it, they have nothing. Structured relations of gold add a touch of glamor to this versatile piece of Gorjana. This beautiful bracelet is a great addition to any arm candy.
Gorjana Parker Leather Wrapped Bracelet $ 49

 Mixed metal earrings
Adia Kibur metal earrings are elegant mixed city and a great piece for your work wardrobe. The gold-colored metal and bold contrasts of hematite, while maintaining elegant teardrop. The brushed finish on the metal gives a modern touch to these butterflies. Pair with a black and white combo for greater contrast.
Adia Kibur hematite teardrop earrings and gold $ 24

 What happiness!
Beautiful and charming always, the old charm necklace is bronze on the Scotch House perfect for everyday use. And just when I thought, not the gold charm was smart, you will find that also has a removable logo metal medallion on the envelope flip-card. The gold ball chain gives this character even more charming.
About Scotch House Charm Necklace $ 30

 Coral Chandelier
Earrings decorated with coral and rubies acrylic beads to make a fun place. Because these are so beautiful butterflies catchy, it should be the only piece of jewelry worn on the face. These earrings hippie chic are the most popular celebrities of the label, Stella & Dot is now in The Vampire Diaries "Nina Dobrev was seen. Apply with a touch of cobalt or a sharp contrast with a white dress for instant glamor.
Stella & Dot Capri Coral Earrings $ 49

 This is All About 5 Spring's Hottest Jewelry Under $50 by Regina Damfrocht.


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