Saturday, 3 March 2012

New Jewelry Fashion Design

There are thousands of jewelry designers. Only a few stands out among luxury jewelry designers. The winners, unique and popular. Luxury designers use only the finest materials. Their designs are classic, modern and unique. They are characterized by good taste and demand for skills. When it comes to luxury jewelry designers are the best. In this list that are far from the crowds. Here are some unique jewelry designs today.

Yuri Ichihashi is a designer necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and bracelets with the ancient techniques of silk from the Orient. Son of gold tissue into small pieces. Each gold wire is cut octagonal maximizes power outages closed.

These are the larger models, which are unique in the luxury jewelry designers. Steven Kretschmer is a unique design. There is a sense of the skills of jewelry. It is the original designer of the tension that often copied but never is. The power is intended to maintain the stone to a total of 12,000 pounds per square inch. This parameter allows the diamond to capture more light and to show their brilliance. The patented technology is unique in its design.

Changes in body jewelry tends to go really, and is often very evident in nature. Poor, silver studs and simple earrings are very popular in this art. One type of body jewelry change is made in the country, Myanmar, where women held Paduang large golden rings around their necks. The first ring is often worn by women at the age of five years, and because women are, add the rings. This process will continue to be placed in the arm about 20 pounds of weight around your neck. Sara people in Central Africa, Mursi, the most developed countries in South America, lip plates in other jewelry of body modification.

Some cultures place Mauler or other objects in themselves, a practice that was previously occupied by tribal groups, has worked his distance from our Western culture.

The current market for jewelry is big, so that people around the world to be rich, it is simply intended to improve them. Currently, the largest market for jewelery is in this world in the United States. It has a market share of 30.8%. The people of India, Japan, China and even the Middle East was only 9.8% worldwide. The following is India, where 5% of the world of jewelry.

The design of jewelery are very popular in many countries around the world. They like women who marry early. Choose what type of jewelry design for her wedding.

This is All About New Jewelry Fashion Design.


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