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New York Bridal Fashion Week 2012

The 2012 fashion trends key wedding expenses Bridal Fashion Week New York: The famous designer Vera Wang is at the forefront when it comes to bridal trends. Designed with the clothes of Ivanka Trump, Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey, the powers speak for themselves the famous designer Vera Wang, is when it comes to bridal trends. Designed with the clothes of Ivanka Trump, Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey, the powers speak for themselves. This year, Wang has created a new trend.

It is rare for a designer to create a trend in itself, but Wang has done it again with its collections of 2012 and a color that is synonymous with weddings, Bianchi has been missing from his collection is completed next year. Instead, it created a sensation with spectacular black cloth. He cleared things up girlie and dusty state of the new trends in wedding York Fashion Week, as the textile laser cutting. Fine materials like chiffon and organza were complex drawings and the use of a laser as the main rival for the year 2012. Reem Acra has used this technique extensively in tissues of Autumn clothing, wedding dresses, veils and bridesmaid. After the celebrations of the royal wedding of the Duchess of Cambridge, remain trapped in the world married Kate Middleton force. The dress of the Duchess of Cambridge, made by Sarah Burton Alexander McQueen has created a trend towards the ends of the sleeves and dresses in 2012. This long sleeve dress has been seen on all sidewalks in all major fashion house. The preferred route was the length of three quarters, but also reduces cute sleeves and long term and an appearance in the bridal fashion week. If remarriage is not connected in that black dress for you, there are many alternatives. In addition to traditional black and white, full of bands off and land like never before, while the year 2011 was timid and earth tones of gold, beige and nude, next year sounds like shades of ivory white again as trends in the foreground colors. But when white conservative for your taste, then real Reem and Monica also set new trends in clothes and naked pure color and Dusty Rose. Undoubtedly, the further increases for the following year to transparency and pure materials. This new trend seen floating in delicate patterns of air to the ethereal organza and tulle dresses. Sheer fabrics have been used with great success, especially in Vera Wang no longer skirts are made of heavier materials. Instead, the slopes of many tissue layers lumps layer by layer to be built.

This is All About New York Bridal Fashion Week 2012. 

Miss America 2012 is Laura Kaeppeler, Miss Wisconsin

Miss America 2012 Kaeppeler Laura, Miss Wisconsin: The Miss USA 2012 was crowned on Saturday night (January 14) in Las Vegas - Miss Laura Kaeppeler Wisconsin. It was perhaps the evening dress more elegant appearance, simple and elegant with a black lace blouse. She compared the height of her dress wedding dress Kate Middleton. For his talent, 23 years Kenosha, WI sang an Italian, with a voice of perfect beauty of opera. Also looked stunning in a red dress. And to your question in the Q & A part was asked if Miss United States should express their political views. Laura has a very diplomatic answer about how Miss USA represents all and should not therefore put to the public. It also acts as a mentor for babies with their incarcerated parents, because one of them herself. You can see below in a video made ​​for the selected Voice of America. These are the top 10 reasons why you should be Miss USA and pleasure of being cute. Congratulations to Laura Kaeppeler!

This is All About Miss America 2012 Laura Kaeppeler,Miss Wisconsin. 

Asian Bridal Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup from Asia:
 Asian-style eye makeup Asian eyes are almond-shaped, often with a fair skin tone diagonally from black to white. Asian women have a lot of fastener in the skin of which are exotic features are becoming a bit of experience. Asian women just want to show. The eyes are the eyes of exclusive Asian tapas, without wrinkles. It takes a little practice for the partition of the eye the eye of traditional techniques. Therefore, apply primer to the lash line to brow and let dry. Not for the multiple layers of primer. If dry, then go for eye shadow.

Eyeshadow: Traditional techniques are bright eye shadow on the cover of the darkness of their wrinkles and again the lighter shade on the brow bone to high-light, they are. In addition, add the darker color on the outside of the fifth This order is not with Asian eyes. Here you can find, add the dark lash line and gradually increase to the marker on the brow bone. In this way, we obtain the more sophisticated look. Another approach is to apply the color light with high light inside of the lid near the nose. Fade shadow on something and then go dark shadow in the outer cover. No need for both the darker colors. The high is more easily applied to the brow bone. Now, the liner is applied to the end.

Eyeliner: The correct use of eyeliner makes the eyes bigger. The black line on the lash line to make the eyes bright and beautiful. The coating must be easily moved to the outside of the lash line from the outer corner of the eye as soon as dry eyeliner eyeshadow fill fine brush dipped in black shadow of the gap. Eyeliner is not used in the bottom of the deck, but preferred to apply the eye shadow brush in the dark eyeshadow and apply it to the lower eyelid. Slightly so that blurring is not squinting eye sight.

Mascara and eyelash: The first step is to attract them because they are the same way that wind by applying the layer of mascara to give the final look. 

This is All About Asian Bridal Eye makeup.

Eye Makeup Tips for Bridal

Eye Makeup Tips for the Bride: The bride from all the big day should be perfect. If your wedding dress, jewelry, accessories, shoes and makeup. It makes you visible and unambiguous. Eye makeup is one of the most important tasks of the bride should pay special attention. Eye makeup for the bride has to be perfect. Here is the speech of some ways to achieve this distinction, look, if more eyes to keep in mind that the focus in your eyes, instead of giving a shape. It's your best day of your life so flattering neutrals used to enhance your eyes at all.

If it's good to keep eyeliner in shades elegant as black, navy or brown. For the bride that only the most beautiful colors of eyeliner suited.For setting are correct, use an eye shadow or powder coating match. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. Dramatic eye look for it. Later, he was again mascara eyeliner. Mascara is used to search for good in two deep layers of the eye. But make sure that before applying the second coat to dry the first few. Also, do not overwhelm with too many coats of mascara on the lashes I think it will try to improve eye and do not cause eye mascara Eye clumpy.Waterproof is best for the bride. First, more than others, and the second take, it would not be executed, even when you shed tears. Deeper colors look best on your wedding day. I have to be with them. Therefore be used in lighter tones, such as the eyebrows eyelashes pink, light blue and bright green bones, etc. For a polished look of the eyes, a shadow brush my forehead. Bright Eyes is a current trend in the field of eye makeup. Provides a sheer gloss finish on the eyelids. But only if you turn otherwise would be your advice for eye makeup look wedding dress greasy Eye.

    This is All  About Eyes Makeup Tips 2012. 

New Asian Bridal Makeup Tips 2012

Makeup Tips Bridal Asia 2012:  
Asia Wedding Makeup Tips: runtime, the application of expert Asian bride makeup that makes the wedding day unforgettable. Mainly Asian women, their eyes are your best feature, and these items for you to get impressive results in Asia eye makeup, and maintain the other features (lips and cheeks, 1) concentrated more subtle. Asia Distribution dramatic for many Asian women do not have much time to eye makeup regularly, eyeliner and mascara for most, and perhaps a scan of a color eyeshadow exclusive, but with a little patience (and hopefully a little practice before marriage), makeup tips for Asian eyes stand out.
Asian Bridal Makeup Tips: First, it receives its foundation and powder, then dust some loose powder under the eyes to make it easier to remove without loss of vision defects. If you prepare the cream of the eyelids, apply now for the shadow evenly absorbed through the skin. Apply a neutral color with shades of gold and a flash of light on the eyelids. If you are still a second mode, the objective is the visual difference between the "eyes" and create "area under the eyes," leaving a bar with no right under the eyebrows of neutral eye shadow. Asian Bridal Make bubbles work inside corners of the eyes on the outside, use at least three colored jewel tones (dark blue, dark green, dark purple or dark red) in the dark a soft light to create the eyelids. Get a soft brush and small touches to create the perfect mix, and not forget that these bands can be downloaded directly into the eyes.
Then with a small brush to complete the band with a few strokes of a pale whitish color - depending on skin tone, neutrality also work very pale. Asia Bridal Makeup Tips Get a tube coming out of the mask to give volume, then from the bottom and mask all parts of your upper and lower lash tabs are carried out carefully, without black on the skin a banda tissue paper color in the face. Then all the pieces of the comb with a comb eyelashes, eyelash curler with a hair of some heatin until they are nice and friendly and kept on the margins of the upper lashes and hold for 15-30 seconds at least twice the time . Remove any loose powder, and voila! Asian bridal makeup is not so different from the normal composition of Asia, is only slightly more and is involved. You look fabulous.

This is All About New Asian Bridal Makeup Tips 2012. 

Bridal Wedding Day Makeup Beauty Tips 2012

Perfect beauty tips wedding:
 Want to see the perfect bride for her wedding to b? Here are some simple tips to wedding day beauty, ideas and suggestions and advice.
Beautiful Bridal Skin:Perhaps nothing is more beautiful than the natural glow of happiness that every bride is. New elegant fashion expert to help ensure that your skin will be striking at her wedding. We are the best beauty tips bridal, 2012, beauty tips, bridal makeup, bridal makeup new girlfriend, Indians, western bridal makeup, beauty tips wedding in Pakistan, India beauty tips, Perfect Bride for the bride and make-up of Pakistan.
"The inappropriate words, if your face is red and her skin is bad when, after a facial, this means it has worked -., But this is not true".

Use eye makeup Waterproof: 
Most brides cry at their wedding. If you do not think you're the type to mourn, but you must have the nature, with so many products out there that are waterproof eye makeup, why should it be important?
Use lipstick long:

Enter the color at one time earlier in the day, then dip a few times to keep your lips luscious and perfectly delicious.

Here are some tips for Bridals:
 * Choose your face for about two weeks before the big day to help your skin to deep cleanse your skin shine and luster.
* Exfoliate your body in the shower the night before the wedding to remove dead skin cells and soften skin.
* Before the wedding night, exfoliate the face, but use a gentle scrub for sensitive skin from irritation.
* Want to buy a lipstick? "It must be the same as that found in bridal fashion.
* If you only get a break Don'tb before marriage, worried. Apply witch hazel tea tree, or a benzoyl peroxide product to dry button. Never squeeze a button, a few days before her wedding to the UN scar ugly red avoided.
* On the morning of the wedding exfoliate lips with a toothbrush and a gentle exfoliation. Applying honey and lip balm on your lips and moist and soft.

Note: A relaxed bride is a bride breathtaking beauty. A marriage to succeed, as long as married destination at the end of the day. Everything is as usual sauce.

This is All About Bridal Wedding Day Makeup Beauty Tips 2012. 

New Latest Bridal Collection by Nauratan Designer 2012

Fashion online fashion Nauratan Karachi on the basis of fast fashion designer Sadaf Tariq heard that a doctor is professional. Sadaf Tariq like to work in fashion design and that is his passion. The main reasons for the popularity of the front door of his wife works as Naurtan impressive. The label provides Nauratan formal wedding gowns, designer semi-formal, informal and done. Nauratan The label can be found in stores in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Naurtan recently released their stunning winter collection for women. These teams are very well designed and the colors very well was used, so the dress is even more attractive and ideal for the winter season. See the following collection.

This is All About New Latest Bridal Collection by Nauratan Designer 2012.

New Firdous Linen Winter Women's Collection 2012

Firdous Cloth Mills is a major exporter of textile products from Pakistan. Firdous Textiles is a symbol of fashion, style and quality. No compromise on material quality and highly professional team ensures that the substance with international quality standards.

Firdous Textiles serves Pakistani women and their needs "Firdous clothes." Since the season, the introduction of the new buildings Firdous clothing based on the latest fashion trends.

This winter also launhced Lino Firdous her winter collection. This collection of winter is long chooridar pajama shirt, which is a combination of bright colors in this collection are used, an amazing and extraordinary. Explore the wonderful collection of winter clothing Firdous 2011-2012

 This is All About New Firdous Linen Winter Women's Collection 2012.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

New Barbie Makeup

Finding the right look for you and your beautiful hair combed with the superstars of shadows and fundamental freedoms? The makeup! Will you be guided by a celebrity beautiful and seductive star with your makeover? Get to know Barbie as she shows you her Barbie make up case! But what are the treasures inside? Find the mascara available in different colors, the colors obtained with the simple foundation powder the lips of different colors to soften and the pores of the range of skin color of black eyeliner and blush colors of the rainbow iris and more!
Stage makeup Barbie offers the perfect theme, you need to get the best, you may need. But how these problems can make the most wonderful parts of you?
The mascara. Get these curly eyelashes to get a grip and strengthen.

Progress seems to train your eyes and increase the angle of the eye. Emphasizes your eyes with mascara and amazing totally irresistible. Play with different colors and bulky that appear in the tabs. Mascara is an absolute necessity of the rich history, Barbie makeup.
The foundation. One of the important things in Barbie make-up scenario is the base. Find the hypoallergenic nature and give you the beautiful virgin seems to improve the complexion and removes stains from the face. Hold on to your best photo of the meeting. Hide the imperfections of a difference in minutes!
Lip color. Be deliciously kissable pout and be sexy with curves! Lipsticks are available in Barbie make-up cases in various colors of black in the. And the bonus? These groups of women contributes to the addition of the lips of toilet cleaner and soft!
The powder was dissolved. After using the base and a polished blush appear loose powder.
Eye shadow. You may want to look hard to melt the hearts of everyone who meets your eyes? The eyes are the windows to the soul says. But creating a more structured framework and the definition of which not only sees the expressions of the eyes, but also provide the perfect facial features created by a shadow stroke intense! Barbie Makeup Eyeshadow if different from the pink roses and peach and beige black velvet! Get the look of the most practical for social events and other commitments!
The magic that helps you to shine? Have fun with the rainbow colors of blush! There are situations that are too often tedious and without. Get the rosy cheeks and with enough heat to redness. A single injection of this magic powder provides a beautiful view!
There are so few problems that can locate Barbie case. Find the lip contour powder perfume and more! Fun with Barbie and explore their world.

         This is All About Barbie Make up. 

New Sephora Makeup Beauty Fashion

Stroll through the first set of shelves and touch the velvety texture of cream eye shadow before. Re-dig a Lip Plumper, plus the new color of your taste buds tingling with a rich vanilla flavor. You hear the breathtaking beauty of the melody consultants offer their best advice and understanding of the problems and consumer concerns.

Sephora calls and tickle the senses with the longevity of your stay to, with only 5 minutes to choose the preferred solution for an hour or more for many - browse the taste test of feeling and loving every second of your stay in that mecca of beauty.

Sephora offers free consultations makeup by very competent counsel to consider only the beauty of your pores and skin tone and texture of the objects that you like and come with a good meeting can.

in the position to create your own again. Most of it is, you can, if necessary, the solution used, and take it easy to counter the fire and excited to prove the elements of the house.

The Business Directory provides not only fantastic bath care skin makeup and hair the fragrance of my body and smile all the products for men, but other important characteristics, but to be imitated elsewhere in the world more attractive. It is the elegance of resources to answer all questions on sun-damaged skin perfume finder and more. Attractiveness of the university has a video segment, so you can play until you master a certain look on their own.

The latest addition to the wonderful Sephora is a beauty insider card. Although not accessible to the minute, you can report up early to take advantage of elegance with the card, collect.

Sephora calls in all directions, go to your taste and smell may actually offer the best with an oversupply of this planet of all goods and higher attractiveness of a business support and advice Joel Smith


This is All About New Sephora Makeup Beauty Fashion.

New Black Makeup

Taking the makeup
Choose the appropriate base or foundation is very important for black skin in India and Africa. Why are they based? If you have darker skin pores and is more likely that the skin tone and have uneven pigmentation. The foundation helps balance color of the skin and cover pigmentation scars. Here are some ideas on how to obtain one of the largest shade of foundation for skin black.
The first three basic colors to choose from that are in your pores and tone closer and see that in his jawline. You are not positive, there is another side to make your pores and be positive, to examine in daylight. The shadows that connects to the skin and is "invisible" is one you should choose very special. Do not see the shadows of the basis on hand, like the skin of the hand.

                               Black Makeup

A different color for your face. Also make sure that the shadows of the chest and neck is - you want to appear to not put a mask! Women's dark skin color tend to be slightly darker or lighter skin and pores are in different parts of the face - choose a color that closely matches the vast majority of his face. Choose a foundation with yellow tones, as rug universal for dark skin.
If you give the look of makeup based on sales on the Internet for organizations that samples of the Foundation or the testers, so check at the residence.
Do not try to lighten or darken the skin pores by applying a lighter shade of foundation, as it will make your skin look healthy and against nature. If you skin lightening, use a loose powder with the pure light reflected want houses (if the dust is not transparent, it should be 1-2 shades lighter than your base). This technique subtly illuminates the complexion, without pores and tone the skin. The reverse is also true - not tanned with dark base to give much more - as an alternative matte bronzer.
Since the protection of its positive, a foundation with more protection than generally tend to choose as a black skin is uneven and more prone to pigmentation. A mattifying and oil absorbent pores to dark skin tends to produce more oil and fat being proposed. A kind of makeup that meets all the requirements is the mineral foundation.
In fact, use a primer? It depends - if you want to neutralize yellow skin or yellow, with a lavender starts at the base. If you need to use concealer, choose a shade that is 1-2 shades lighter than your base. It is used for specific problems with a brush to use and based on the best of him.
The selection of eye shadows and lip blush
The darker the skin and pores, the more intense the color that you should look for your skin. Choose warm colors and use colors that are too light - the shadows are delicate red rose in the compact beautiful, but is simply "sit" as a dark pale powder. A dark shadow is reached "translucent color wash" effect on your pores and improve skin tone.
For lip colors to choose colors such as bronze berry wines of Burgundy plum and copper. Pick-lip products with a matte or gloss Full easy - Matt Stay away from anything. If you choose a lip liner color that matches your lipstick natural.
With these ideas, you should have no difficulty in choosing makeup is flattering for your complexion. The key factor to remember is that you must wear makeup will not improve your tan is set fully outstanding.

               This is All About Black Makeup.

New Face Makeup

Although best known as the mineral foundation is identified with the blush bronzer eye shadow contains correction and lip makeup finishing powder. It feels better and looks like a lot is known on the face that the traditional face painting. You can choose from a Search oily or shiny satin suitable for the location of mineral liquid or dry normal and can even locate your makeup if you prefer liquid foundation mineral powder foundation. All bases are powder dry and loose, though - and some are not pressed powders loose powders have a feeling almost creamy and really works well on dry skin and pores.


Mineral makeup is made primarily from mineral pigments finely ground and processed. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide regularly, providing some security for each SPF.

 The components of mineral makeup

Foundations may vary many models. Some are essentially mica and other essentially of titanium dioxide and / or zinc oxide. Rather more to the bright and shiny mica, bismuth oxychloride have, but also no basis mates, without these ingredients, which are often preferred by women with oily skin. If you suffer from acne or rosacea or sensitive skin, you really need to be able to use mineral makeup, but you can request to stay away from includes a handful of typical ingredients, bismuth oxychloride and mica.
To shine or not shineIf you are new to mineral makeup meet to consider whether or not to shine in your makeup collection and if so where. If I could make oily skin and pores, or foundation bright, shining his oily skin. Once can choose a base mat, which also includes oil absorbing ingredients such as kaolin clay. However, you can add a touch of brightness with the installation of a powder of brightness to add the best finish.
As a bit of sparkle to your eyes? You can create a bright eye shadow, even if you use a base mat. Just be aware that if you have deep wrinkles on the eyelids matte eye shadow to hide, it's much better. With matte eye shadow, you can still get a very spectacular to see if this is what you are after. You can also highlight your cheeks blush or bronzer bright, seems to give a sunny spot.
QualityConsider the quality of the elements involved in its mineral composition. As you consider the high quality components in the body, it is important to watch what goes in search of the entire body will not. Some of your makeup to be consumed by the nose, mouth and eyes, and some may be absorbed through the skin. Mineral Makeup components are usually safe and totally free of suspect components, such as phthalates, parabens and talc dangerous. Check labels to be positive, however. Some brands are better than others.

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