Friday, 16 March 2012

Cartier Launched the Brand New Tank Series Wrist Watch

In 1847, 1902 and 1909 in Paris, London and New York, the Cartier brothers to win another world and quickly. Cartier open mind and an international perspective permeated the whole development of Cartier red line catchy. As a historical series of Cartier watches are available in all tanks. Following the successful launch of tanks and armored French clock, seemed tank watches English success again in the spotlight.

The watches are very English-tank "tank." Set in a pair of compact, clean lines, the design is conservative, but it contains the maximum voltage. It is elegant, with features designed around the tank: the case and strap design in accordance with the overall design, Roman numerals, track markers and blue steel hands shaped sword. The tire is that the head is concealed in the vertical ear clock perfect symmetry of the whole structure is generated.
With respect to the exercise of extreme simple design, this watch has a breakthrough. The special design of the head shows hidden in the ear of the idea of ​​improving the vertical design of the clock the more stringent requirements for the integration of aesthetics and design of Louis Cartier, the founder of Cartier. The design is ideal for all drawings are complete, consistent and clear. English for the side of the tank, the head of the watch, as an important means tacit flash to give privacy.
Tanks are available in 3 sizes of English men or pictures lady in three materials of gold. The English model of the large tank is equipped with its own efforts Cartier 1904MC movement, and can see the exquisite structure of the movement of the lid transparent sapphire crystal back. The history of the Tank watch is in compliance and never stops.
Tank Loco: freedom in the form
As prime contractor for the design of the watch, Cartier expressed his extreme fantasy crazy tank on creativity and imagination too fat and exaggeration is the style of the 1960 "Crash"-clock. The lines and the harmonious design is completely distorted beyond expectations to achieve the extraordinary realm of freedom. The radial pattern of some games with Roman numerals and blue steel hands shaped sword. The basic elements of "tank" angry show in the style transformation of great ingenuity. The watch and wristwatch with round ears are inlaid with diamonds diamonds. "Mad" watches of the tanks are equipped with a manual winding and won the attention of the general look and creative. The watch is a limited edition, only 200
Tank Louis Cartier XL, ultra-thin tank watch: elegant
Tank Louis Cartier watch symbol of elegance and classic Cartier in the 1920 was launched. The Tank Louis Cartier Tank watch, made in 1922, is the best work of Louis Cartier modernity and built on it, which played an important role in the later Art Deco style. The pride and the old square and rectangular straight lines, is sweet and touching the angle is too comfortable, all replaced by the wonderful harmony, and a brighter future wide.
Timeless classic Louis Cartier tank watch has created a large and ultra thin watch with clean lines to life. And the design is thinner in the tank of your family, 5.1 mm thick. The watch is equipped with a mechanical movement and is the perfect combination of a male beauty and temperament.

This is All About Cartier Launched The Brand New Tank Series Wrist Watch.


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