Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Formal Eye Makeup 2012

How many of you will join us in the beautiful eye makeup, I'm constantly learning and research councils to improve my eye makeup features. Eventually I concluded that eye makeup is not that difficult if you learn some of the "special" techniques, eye makeup and eye makeup tricks.

 Step 1: "Choose carefully the colors of eye shadow"
Choose eye shadow colors, contrast, or enhance eye color rather than exact. Purple eye shadow, for example, green is Hazel Eyes, topaz brown eyes look at root causes. Purple, coral and gray are complementary to blue eyes.
Eye shadow if your skin tone and color of your clothes. Softened tones seem more effective in the day, wear bright colors or bright at night, anyway.
Step 2: "Determining factors of eye color"
I hope now everyone has noticed the same almond eyes. This is very important because the techniques of applying eye makeup eye shadow is determined. So before going any further, stop and see the shape of your eye, looking in the mirror and see someone else and tell you if your eyes.
Traditional egg-shaped (oval) or not
Small and recessed or protruding
Close to each other (see in this area) or distance (range).
These three factors play an important role in applying eye makeup that follows, it is important that you be as specific as possible with your observation. Maybe some people need help at this stage for best results.
Step 3: "See the shadows"
If your eyes are the classic egg-shaped, apply a medium shade of the fold of the eyelashes, a bone slightly darker shade in the crease of the eyes, and a slight shadow on his forehead. Mixing paint. If your eyes are less perfect oval, which are able to define the shapes of the shadows with the new. Remember that the color of light, an eye for the area in front, a dark color to reduce it.
Appear larger or smaller sunken eyes, use a pale shadow of the frontal bone of the eyelashes. Develop further by using a small "V" of darker color just on the other side of the outer corner of eye. Large eyes appear smaller when using a shadow on the bone around the lid completely on the forehead.
This set eyes appear further away, use a pale shadow of the third eyelid near the nose, a dark shadow near the temple. Return result of this scenario with large eyes are close together.
Step 4: "The shaping techniques"
Used to sharpen an eyeliner or liquid form. Draw a thin line as close to the lashes as well as in the outer third of lower lid, spread lightly for a natural look.
Step 5: "Mascara" Cheats
For a "wake up" effect, use an eyelash curler before using mascara. Keep the curler near the base of the lashes and press, count to three, then release. Move the curler near the tips of the lashes and press again.
Put mascara with their eyes open. Enter the vertical rod, cover the tips of the upper eyelashes and pull the horizontal bar through the lashes from base to tip. If you prefer, you can brush mascara on lower lashes. If the tabs on stilts, they share with the rod tip. Dealing with a cotton swab to clean.

This is All About Formal Eye Makeup 2012.


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