Friday, 16 March 2012

How to Get Glossy Eyes by Sarah Joynt

There are some trends that should stay in magazines, and many people think that the eyes look brilliant of them. It is hard to bear,difficult to maintain, and may even slightly uncomfortable. Beyond that, I can not leave my head. The look is not perfect and gets worse over time. Despite the solid foundation that the shadow in the crease of a shining above guaranteed. If you are a perfectionist when it comes to your makeup, the look is not for you. If you are willing to pay a little grunge, views of the city embraced try.

Start with your shadow the bait, as usual. This look works with brightmatte shade of shadow or satin fashion with a shiny surface extra.Pat the shadow on the eyelid and the crease. Be sure to get a good amount of product on the coverage you want it to integrate with the splendor. Then apply the lip gloss. If you do not get your hands on abright eye products such as liquid Lorac gloss, $ 16, ElizabethArden 8 Hour Cream $ 19.50, petroleum jelly or a lip glosstransparent odorless give the same effect. Always test the productbefore opening the eyes, especially if you use lip gloss, that the eyes are very sensitive. Once applied, it flashes a few times and spread it on the cover. You will see the brightness of color, and accumulates at the top, which is in a fresh, unfinished.

If you're tired of using a real shine your eyes, you can get a similar effect with sequins placed strategically, as shown above right. Enter your basic color work very well with this black and shiny metal, and then release a shine, sequins or very shadow of the center of the lidand inside and outside corners. This look will not give the exact effect, but will brighten and add dimension smoked a normal eye.

This is All About How to Get Glossy Eyes by Sarah Joynt.


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