Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Eye Beauty Tips for Pacific Women by Jaks LIoyd

How many Asian women, the media fashion and beauty aimed primarily at white Caucasian women are exposed, it is important to be aware of the subtle differences between the two, although the concepts of beauty similar.Appreciating the difference in the skin, the eyes and the hair is important to enjoy the best of nature and the exotic beauty of so many women in Asia-Pacific.

What works well for blond hair and blue eyes can be adapted so bad, if not a disaster for women of other ethnic groups.
Skin tones and yellow gold and exotic eye shape is the most notable difference is that women in Asia and the Pacific enjoy more than women of other races, and these are only highlights functions to create a effect of natural beauty.
Just think, how many of the leading actresses and photographic models asian, leading in film, television and magazines in the last ten years.
The filmmakers, journalists, fashion houses have finally realized the charm and natural beauty and exotic, have so many Asian women.
At the same time, the cosmetics industry are specifically designed to address and enhance Asian skin tones.

The eyes of an Asian woman not only are its greatest asset, but also its greatest challenge when it comes to the application.

 The selection of the brush in the shadow of the right eye. The ideal width should be 3/5 the space between the eyebrows and upper lash line, if your eyes are open. Choose a brush with bristles of good quality.
Eye shadow colors. Experiment with the colors you think look good on you. For a day job and thinking, more natural tones.
To look good to go at night to try lighter shades to give more almond shape eye beauty.
Coral, orange or gray can be a useful addition to your skin and the shadow looks like the day and fashion. Although widely used, be careful with something brown that can make them look far.
It's fun to experiment with eye shadow and liner, and you can get some great effects.

 Using a conical brush-shaped bend to create the depth and size of eyes. Eyeliners are the eyes of the most important distribution tool to control the appearance of your eyes.
In drawing the line at the outer corners of the eye and confusion, of course you can and focus more exotic look with the beautiful eyes of Asia.To minimize the exotic look or work during the day, gradually thicken the line of sight, while working toward the outer corner and stop shortly after the final.

 Tips for applying mascara to the lashes and apply the improvement for each woman.
Try using a lighter liner on the lower lashes and a heavy shadow of the upper lashes, if you open up your eyes look deeper and longer.
Always use a light touch when applying eye makeup, to add depth, then it does in small steps, otherwise you may have to clean and start over, or uncomfortable with the makeup will look at the nature dry and against.
When we meet people, whether friends or old first, most of the first to be looking into the eyes of others.
Not surprisingly, it is said that the eyes are truly windows to the soul. This first impression is important in many situations, paying particular attention to health, clear eyes and beautiful effort.

This is All About Eye Beauty Tips for Pacific Women by Jaks Lioyd.


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