Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Quintessentially Australian:ToniMay Jewellery by Hannah Ongley

 If you like dreamy look in swimsuit shoots, you probably already know ToniMay jewelry.

The Sydney-based label has only been around since 2010, and was recently cult designers of swimwear, which are good for the final cutfor the current campaign has picked up the romantic. Bold,bohemian, and a typical Australian ToniMay creating jewelry, lycradresses pumps more catchy, and is about to do the same for urban women.

The label is the result of Laura Byrne, all parts of his small studio inPaddington crafts. Completely self bar a few years studying FineArts, the combination of exotic skins offered, feathers and semiprecious stones from around the world.

Byrne's latest collection, Dawn underlying the influence of theinsatiable greed of wandering and of new beginnings, carefully defining rutile quartz crystals and metals in their distinctive blenddistinctive sculptures. The statement necklace with beads rangingBluebird feathers feathers black tone support, guaranteed, even the boldest of all, while the most beautiful pieces are adorned with delicate hand sweet geometric crystals and metals.

ToniMay just been acquired by local suppliers of fresh produce The Grand Social. Shipped worldwide, please register and snatch a few pieces before they disappear into the depths of the urban jungle.

This is All About Quintessentially Australian Tonimay Jewellery By Hannah Ongley.


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