Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2012(From Buzz) by Chrissy Makkas

Here's final dose of Editor Street Style From the Fall 2012 collections.Trendsetting Fashion Editors have been taking in the shows in paris.and have no doubt been scoping out each other's outtfits along the way.
For more Fashion Editor Street Style,Check Out what they wore in Newyork,london,and Milan.

Chi-Young Bang:Chi Young Bang, attended the Isabel Marant jacket has a moderateman style of dress.

Miroslava Mikheeva Dume:Forum members liked the color blocks skin Miroslava.

"The jacket is amazing!" Written Petita.

Prairie agreed, describing him as "brilliant." 

Miroslava Mikheeva Duma:Miroslava Mikheeva Duma worked a few blocks of color in her wardrobe in Paris.

Anya Ziourova:Anya, I was looking for jeans and a green suede jacket sleevesmilitary casually padded.

Taylor Tomasi Hill:Taylor Tomasi Hill, dressed fired equipment that brought them to London and is a deconstructed skirt paired Junya Watanabe.

He wrote "I love the skirt Junya, but never shown with these shoes,"LuckyMe.

Taylor Tomasi Hill:Taylor wore jeans Celine, first worshiped in Milan with a doublelayered and sophisticated sweater.

No Plain Jane Taylor praised "the combinations and surprising juxtapositions." 

This is All About Paris Fashion Week Fall 20122(From Buzz) by Chrissy Makkas.


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