Saturday, 14 April 2012

New Fresh Wedding Hairstyle Trend 2012

Impressive styling trends wedding hair trends this year over the next year for a hairstyle ideal for a happy new year to you. There are many designs that are positive changes in hair for your wedding, what could be done safely in position all day and all night. Brides have a variety of wedding hair two to choose from. The good news is that you do not need the salon the day of his wedding to go.

 It's not like the bride in the 20th century could lead to nothing and the hairstyle is rarely important to them, the bride in the next year requires a lot of time looking around the hair properly in your wedding ceremony in the name, make sure you feel that your wife, the visitor can be in the wedding hairstyles are short in terms of ko.Earlier married couple is not considered to be very popular, but now want to marry, as a rule, to choose something else. Imagine, in certain hairstyles and stylists have the skills to help them contribute to the achievement is.

This is All About  New Fresh Wedding Hairstyle Trend 2012.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Design Your Own Handbag by Lauren Weigle

If Kate Spade and Michael Kors can do about it, why not us? The mode can be combined with the latest trends with creativity and personal style. We all want a piece that nobody else has this adapt-to-wear, shoes and bags. Why not these concepts and create your own portfolio? If you think you are creative or not, there is a small designer in us all. The best part of designing your own bag is that is actually online retailers, who will do the work for you, you should not worry about sewing and embroidery to care. We tested four labels that gives you everything you need to design clutches, totes, hobos, whatever.

 Essex in Los Angeles:
The silhouette of the Essex LA customizable bag is modeled after his signature, the coupling of Louie. A step in the design process is to choose the color of the zipper. You have eight color options before choosing to take the next step in selecting the color of the wall of the bag. Food colors in an additional set of eight. The most important decisions of your choice is the leather pocket. Again, you have eight options. Each option can vary not only in color, but varies in texture as well. Distressed leather and leather and gravel are available in addition to the traditional clean.

 1154 Lill Studio:
Select With over 40 different bags and accessories, and more than 130 different fabric choices, you can design a bag for themselves, which is quite unique. If you need a new clutch cover, plastic bag of the Cross, laptop bag, a bracelet, or want to bum, 1154 Lill has the answer. You can not just your wallet in your own website, but you can make your design in person in Chicago or Boston Convention and store locations.

 Elemental themes:
Discussions of primary or EThreads was hailed by many for its aesthetic quality, durability and design. In addition EThreads is loved for its commitment to the environment with environmentally friendly materials and re-used, with recycled packaging. To design your bag ETHREAD first gives a figure of 15 models. After choosing the fabrics and materials. You can mix in contrasting models for the body, handles and other accents. Finally, you can choose your food with zippers or snaps at you.

  Jenna Claire:
Jenna Claire Handbag shop studio in Dayton, Ohio, but not in the Midwest, then your new portfolio is just a mouse click. Go to their site styles, including containers, diaper bags, backpacks, wallets, watches, sports bags, even bags of food to choose from. When it comes to Jenna Claire bags, each going after every single layout design, can not contain less than 8 contrasting fabrics. Fabric pockets, linings, tapes, braids, flaps, and nothing more can all be decided by you. An added bonus is the description of sensitive products for all budgets. Each describes not only the product, but the details of their uses, capabilities, and how they are used.

This is All About  Design Your Own Handbag by Lauren Weigle.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

See Mock-ups of Carine Roitfeld's New Fashion Mag by Nika Mavrody

Carine Roitfeld is, without doubt, the truth is that they come with their own fashion magazine in September, and she teases through the exchange of some models with the world.

The former editor of Vogue Paris meets a fashion shoot, there should be no surprise that the test images are of high quality. They're not really waiting for: The magazine is exclusively are long format (as opposed to items-of-the-book pieces are only available online), Roitfeld plans with both established and emerging photographers work published, and items not English language, with translations included in the book spine.

But this is a good choice, had a bad decision Roitfeld: Title, CR. Not only the title is not attractive, it is also evident. "The name is not a surprise, but good," he told WWD Roitfeld another problem. The logo is written by hand and the bride could love Carine much as I would have thought, have their sense of dignity that have that level of cheese.

This is All About See Mock-ups of Carine Roitfeld's New Fashion Mag by Nika Mavrody.

vogue Thailand in 2013? (Forum Buzz) by Chrissy Makkas

Vogue will be the position of Thailand powerful in 2013? According to the translation of a Thai-style newspaper about anemone fish forum members, is very possible. She said Thailand is the editor Kullawit Laosuksri work with Condé Nast for the magazine together, and is likely to pass it to the new publication, the editor.

"I am very pleased to have again, but somehow on the fence, at the same time," wrote the anemone fish. "We have our own version of Elle, Bazaar and L'Officiel, but all the coverage and reprinted almost every go anywhere far from boring. I worry that the same way Vogue could be Thailand, because the man can load to take this leave Thailand. "

Psylocke said. "It seems a coincidence, but may work as Vogue incredible being the Netherlands and was the first edition was a complete failure because I was not expecting something good and Vogue Turkey is one of my favorite editions of Vogue, so who knows. However, "he said," I agree that magazines are a new edition in abundance are not really necessary, especially if you can get your hands on the collection of original material, anyway. "

The possibility of a new creative outlet is always exciting, so with any luck Vogue Thailand is capable of producing interesting content original, and maybe we can have one or two blankets to admire from every corner of the world through the magic the Internet. We will keep you informed. Meanwhile, you can see in the May 2012 cover of Vogue China in Arizona Muse. This squint and pretend that the letter is actually Thai, and try what appears to be the debut on the cover.

This is All About vogue Thailand in 2013? (Forum Buzz) by Chrissy Makkas.

Becki Newton Look of the day by Morgan C.schimminger

Who: Becki Newton

Where: World premiere of The Three Stooges Los Angeles, California

Why we like: Becki embraced spring to spring for the first time in this strapless floral print dress by Erdem 2012. A red Proenza Schouler clutch and peep-toe platform pumps Christian Louboutin cream ended Altadama fresh look.

This is All About  Becki Newton Look of the day by Morgan C.schimminger.


Monday, 9 April 2012

Bold Beauty Trends Women Actually Want to Wear by Sarah Joynt

When it comes to fashion, it is quite clear that the trends of the season to go to the opening. With the beauty is always a surprise. Although I am not sure that blue lipstick always up and generalization (seriously, the designer), but I it seems, women are willing to risk some of which have their source of makeup. It was revealed in a recent survey interviewed more than 700 women brave beauty trends that are more likely to try and the results were. About 44% of women surveyed said the most likely try a fuchsia lip gloss. The pink lips, while not rare, much less worn than red, and is the perfect way to blend your makeup in spring.

 This does not mean that all women were invited willing to go that far, 30% said they would rather try blue eyeliner. For conservative women, is a good way to get a touch of color without adding too much attention. The most surprising was that that 25% of women surveyed, the mascara would look bold color of your choice. Colored mascara is not only fun, but it really can work to highlight the color of your eyes. Marina, plum and emerald green colors are good start but a bright blue or orange would be a great summer look all white.

 This is All About Bold Beauty Trends Women Actually Want to Wear by Sarah Joynt.

Seasonal Fruits and Veggies with Beauty Benefits by Sharon Feiereisen.

I have a toothache sweet, but mostly, I'm very good about this line to the greed of fructose (fruit sugar). Just as often, but I'm going through a period of several days (well, weeks), I totally chocolate ice cream, cookies, biscuits, cakes go overdose - just about anything sweet, I'll eat it. Not only that you send me to eat sugar in a downward spiral of addiction of all kinds of other less-than-healthy foods, but almost immediately I feel a drop of my energy and mood. This is not just an escape from the cycle Magnolia cupcake, but to know which fruits are in season and vegetebles and knows she must eat so many advantages over low-calorie diet is a great help. To that end, here's a look at what's in the spring season.
Carrots: famous rich in beta-carotene (so rich in fact that antioxidant nutrients, in fact, it was called) and a number of other antioxidants for their anti-aging, these large tubers cardiovascular disease benefits, help clean teeth by activating a lot of saliva, and many studies have shown that eating carrots can help reduce the risk of breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer and improve vision.
Grapefruit: This has become a favorite since Tim Ferris's book, the body of 4 hours, in which he describes, like eating, you can drink grapefruit and grapefruit juice with the support of the digestive system, around the stimulating effect of caffeine read. That said, is the result of an inexhaustible source of vitamin C, which support the immune system (it is a good option if you fight cold symptoms) help. For the most antioxidants, choose fully ripened grapefruit.
Strawberries: Strawberries are rich in manganese, potassium, vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants called polyphenols. Polyphenols have been shown to help the brain, which increases by regular maintenance and "clean" (in other words, they are good for the brain). The powerful antioxidants in strawberries help prevent damage caused by free radicals, ie, that slow the aging process and many studies have shown that diets rich in fruits, is a carcinogen against.
The kiwi is rich in potassium, which are crucial for cell function, muscle contraction, nerve, and replies, the fruit is also rich in vitamin C (essential for the production of collagen and the proper functioning of the brain) and vitamin E, which supports the immune system.
Asparagus: Rich in potassium, vitamin A, folic acid (known for their anti-cancer), and a compound of amino acid called glutathione, which is known for its anti-aging, asparagus, and also very low in sodium due to shape, some say it has aphrodisiac properties.
Rhubarb: This plant helps your bones (one cup of about 10% of the recommended daily dose) strongly influenced by the relatively high calcium content, also neutralize a good source of lutein, a compound containing free radicals (radicals with free may cause cancer) and improve the view. Rhubarb is also rich in vitamin C and the compounds that give their shade rhubarb are potent antioxidants that have been shown to combat many diseases.
Beets are rich in folic acid, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, niacin, pantothenic acid, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and manganese, which together help bones and tissues work to fight against blood clots, which regulate levels of blood sugar are working to boost metabolism and improve brain function.

This is All About Seasonal Fruits and Veggies with Beauty Benefits by Sharon Feiereisen.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Top 5 Shop the Trend Cap- Toe Shoes By Sharon Feiereisen

In none of Alexa Chung Emma Stone, Cape shoes are the hottest trends in the shoes of the season. Best of all, there is a trend, whatever the style of shoes you, how can translate into something a few pumps heeled boots to oxfords housing allowance can work. Check out some favorites below.

 Cap-Toe Mary Jane:

Zozobra Stuart Weitzman, $ 375

It took over Solange Knowles, super-chic is not only made ​​famous by Mary Jane Manolo GMs SJP too bad, but combine three trends in one: Cap toes, cakes and metallic colors.

 Cap-Toe Shoes:

Miu Miu Jeweled Toe Sneaker $ 595

Isabel Marant sneakers have nothing on these babies.

 Cap-Toe Oxford:

Oxford shoes toe Trickers Regent for $ 581.91

Not necessarily pick out colored blocks. If you are in a monochromatic dressing, try a pair of shoes Tricker.

 Sky Cap-Toe Pump up:

Christian Louboutin Maggie Cap-Toe Pump, $ 995

These are crippling of 5.5 inches high.

 Cap-Toe arms:

Louboutin peaks of the asteroids 140, $ 1595

Just when you thought
that the peaks began to feel a little tired.

This is All About Shop the Trend Cap- Toe Shoes by Sharon Feiereisen.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Top 10 Spring's Awakening Jackets Get the Floral Treatment by Regina Domfrocht

Note to designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy and add flowers to your wardrobe this spring. A new way to wear this season's flowers in his coat. Lively retro floral prints in botanical motifs are flowers on a silk jacket structured jackets, trenches and more prosperous. Deeply imbued with these modern and feminine jeans or shorts separates thin leather or visit the romantic road and with a pair of bright chiffon dresses and skirts. This versatile jacket can go from day to night, giving her jeans and a collarless shirt for a suit of body-con. The flowers are so numerous, there are many options and a different flower for each type fashion. Check out the most remarkable and worth buying.

 The retro flower:
This tropical floral jacket Sass & Bide will allow you to wear on vacation. Beautifully designed, this jacket has largely not only that couples easily, but also upgrades simple equipment. The type of fat is contemporary and fun, while the design and padded collar add a retro touch. Since this jacket is made of linen, which will use throughout the summer as well. Pair with other pieces such as the measurement of black pants or a very thin on the maxi skirt.
Sass & Bide jacket solid base from $ 575.

 The Romantic Bloom:
Change your black blazer this ultra-feminine line based in Toronto, Brose. Not only the press and romantic color palette ultra-chic, classic accents and brass buttons of ivory and pink satin lining PEEK sleeves to provide an extra touch of elegance. The flap pockets and epaulets back your figure. Coupling to give a statement turquoise necklace and jeans this jacket is a feminine modern touch.
Brose Milly Floral Blazer $ 506.

 Pink embroidery:
Made of silk, Haute Hippie is embroidered with roses advanced coal, making it a feeling of extra luxury. The red background minimizes bold flowers, and adds a hippie-chic atmosphere, while the hooks and eyelets give the illusion of this jacket, no keys, further accentuating its modern form. Wear this lightweight jacket over a colorful dress and now all summer and fall, with the darker parts, once again appears.
Haute Hippie Talk work jacket $ 675.

 Modern botany:
Not a fan of girly jackets, floral design, most of this spring? Check out this article Print the hip Botanical Camilla and Marc is nothing sweeter. The navy blue background provides a great canvas for botanical flower painting in bold in the jacket. Pair this story with a separate custom neon jeans or difficulties in a more modern look.
Camilla and Marc Rhapsody Botanical Print Blazer $ 690.

Ditches with flowers:
Fall in love with this layer of spring flowers by RED Valentino. Made of a light taffeta, this difference in two tones of a box pleated skirt and a cascade of flowers, another for the declaration. The fitted bodice and flared bottom give this jacket in a fashion that is feminine and flattering. The elegant Renner will lead to any computer, including elegant cocktail dresses and separates.
RED Valentino Floral Coat $ 1150

Flowers on a Budget:
You do not want to spend half their salary in the trend this season? Discover this affordable floral jacket from Charlotte Russe. This lightweight jacket has small flowers woven into the model for the figure, a pressure that is modern and very nice. The collar open front jacket gives this end, while the ruffled sleeves add feminine. Pair with a LBD or jeans and a collarless shirt for a casual look.
Charlotte Russe Floral cardigan Light $ 36.99.

 The Factory Party:
He was not going right to the flower without added Alice + Olivia, to the mix. The label is playful and fun to have the floral trend with a catchy Bloom festival of colors all in a jacket. Not for those who intend to avoid media attention this jacket shines both courage and vitality. Notched collar and single button closure to form the Blazers in a beautiful piece designed. Use a white maxi-dress or jeans with a pair of metallic sandals and thresholds for less formal occasions.
Alice + Olivia Elyse Blazer floral print $ 396.

 Flowers in denim:
Looking for a denim jacket with a feeling of spring? Then look no further than Mission Denim Blazer popular free flowering. Hippie in nature, this jacket a little more closely enough space for the center to cool to wear, and even sweet enough to accompany dresses for girls. From the floral design on this jacket is more cautious than most, its versatile look makes a great addition to any wardrobe. Another reason to buy this piece? Shrunken silhouette and a button near the size of the waist for a flattering look figure.
Free People Denim Blazer $ 128 floral shrunken head.

 Bloom Your Garden:
This long-sleeved white jacket SUNO has a floral pattern in orange, yellow and purple. Thin lapels and an open front offers an advantage this blazer male one female. Combine this striking jacket with white pants or a tuxedo with matching pants for a showy. While the price of this bag is a bit expensive, its unique design and the range that distinguishes it from all other pants.
SUNO fine print lapel jacket $ 989.

 Watercolor Flowers:
This Water satin jacket comes in a vibrant floral pattern, the modern and sophisticated enough to carry itself to the office. The beautiful purple and pink range is unique and makes a great layering piece. And with a price below $ 100, ie you can not say no.
Printed Satin Jacket $ 98 Aqua Floral Challis

This is All About Top 10 Spring's Awakening Jackets Get the Floral Treatment by Regina Damfrocht.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Summerizing Your Beauty Routine by Sharon Feiereisen

Now that the breezes of the skin that abuses began to fade, this is to allow time to renew our beauty routine a little. With the warmer weather, drink plenty of water is more important than protecting our skin with SPF (during aging are UVA throughout the year strong, from UVB rays burn in the spring). Similarly, while a basic skin is always a good idea, it is essential to keep in place are sweat season. For more tips on how to transition the beauty of our eyes, we spoke with extraordinary Sonia Kashuk makeup and dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi.
"Lighten and brighten your look," says Kashuk, "because this season is all about replacing the dark tones and deep, and gives your look with the color." He stressed the coral, pink, bronze and other colors to emulate the sun and give the face a fresh and natural glow to be particularly important for the summer. "Simple washes of color on the eyelid is a popular summer look," why Kashuk developed its Shadow Palette 12 shadow on the lids of the eyes of the instruction PureColor. There are a number of the season, pastel, bright and contains metals and dark aresenal replacement in its beauty (which plums, mauves, and all with great depth, the better for the colder months).
Many women use a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation in the warmer months, but said the creation Kashuk can be used in the summer, as it is used on an ad hoc, and it is easy to use but adds that is important to remember to update your base shade. "We have to go a little warmer in the summer months when their skin color some more. If you have a shade that is too light to use, allows the skin to fall flat."

 However, tinted moisturizer to be a viable option, Kashuk says, noting that it is one of their favorite go-to "to make the products, allowing the skin to look at. Bright and shiny, with very some of the stress in hot weather is better to see the skin fresh and radiant, to avoid powders that can be mellow. "What is the color of the season, Kashuk say that, in the sense of knowing is the coral, which rose from the ideal for lips, cheeks and on the eyelid.
Of course, represent only go so far, especially in summer when daylight problems that most of us want. To this end, it is particularly important to our skin. Like many women, have my acne prone skin, when exposed to heat and humidity of summer, said Dr. Tanzi says, it is a mask over the glycolic acid home once a week. "Great," she says, "contain glycolic acid to keep pores clean and skin tone, which is due to sun and salt water, chlorine in the pool or soothe irritations." His go-to is Verdure Rejuvenating Peel.
As a dermatologist, Dr. Tanzi has been quick to point out the importance of sun protection, he said, but the dust of sunscreen employed women, an important and often overlooked option. Use it in your makeup instead of a powder and help you keep it in place (one of my favorites, this is one of Chantecaille). Dust is also to help reduce facial oil on a wet day and can be applied repeatedly without damaging the makeup.
The last important thing to do when preparing the transition to a warmer climate, we take care of your feet. "As far as soft pedicure feet, apply a cream containing urea - The Rea 30 is a good one - with socks every night for a week all the dead skin smooth," says Dr. Tanzi Once the heels. smoothed, using the Pedi-egg on his heels, followed by thick, cracked skin to remove a peeling cream Sephora by OPI as an exfoliant for dry skin hand to really polish the skin. Then rinse with water and can use a moisturizer with shea butter for most of your feet sandal ready.

This is All About Summerizing Your Beauty Routine by Sharon Feiereisen.

Spring's 5 Hot Nail Polish Collection by Sharon Feiereisen

It is difficult to determine exactly when (polished black Chanel sold maybe? All OPI limited edition collections?) On the way, but the nail polish-like trends in fashion are so hectic. Better yet, if it may not be able to make a new designer wardrobe each season, can make most of us, renewing our collection of nail polish every few months. To that end, here's a look at the last nail worthwhile investment, but hurry ... Many of them are limited edition.

Estee Lauder:

Molten lava from the Bronze Age Goddess Collection Capri,$ 19

 China Glaze:

Hunger Games Collection Nail Polish, $ 6.99 each

 Sephora by OPI:

Betsey Johnson Damn Polish, Scented $ 9.50

 Deborah Lippmann:

Steel nails game, $ 36

 Topshop Make Up:

The nails in the eyes of steel, one of seven new colors), $ 10. In the store and personal purchases at 212.966.9455.

This is All About Spring's 5 Hot Nail Polish Collection by Sharon Feiereisen.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Breathing techniques and exercises For the stress and anxiety

Oxygen plays an important role for the welfare of our body.As you breathe, air enters your lungs full of oxygen and oxygen is transferred into the bloodstream. It nourishes cells and enables them to function properly. The replacement takes place at the cellular level, where toxins and toxic waste in the bloodstream and then to the lungs to be replaced again.
During stressful situations we rarely stop to think about our breathing, time pressure is too intense. The adrenaline is pumping blood, which makes the heart beat faster, increases sweating and muscle stress, breathing becomes rapid and shallow deprive our body and brain to receive the total amount of oxygen they need.
Stressful situations can be handled better if we learn breathing techniques and pay attention to such involuntary function of each action.
Pranayama is one of the five principles of yoga and limitation of life and energy. Yoga uses breathing to change the subtle energy in the body for health and wellness. Among the ancient techniques of modern research has shown repeatedly that helps them overcome fear and stress control our breathing, allowing our emotions and calm nerves.
"I can not practice regularly, conscious breathing calm and stimulating, and can even help with health issues related to panic attacks, stress to digestive disorders," the famous Dr. Andrew Weil, MD
Breathing Techniques
The exercise 4-7-8This exercise is designed to relax and soothe the soul. Unlike sedative drugs, which has no side effects and can be done anywhere, anytime. Lying or sitting in a quiet room or a noisy bus - they always have with you when you feel stressed.Position your body as relaxed as possible, close your eyes and breathe through the mouth of an acoustic signal. Empty your lungs as much as possible.
Inhale through your nose to the count of four, filling the chest.Keep your breathing rate for 7 min.
Breathe slowly to the count of 8
This is a cycle. Do not make more than 4 times in the beginning. Try to decrease the number as much as you feel comfortable and you can do.
You can not very often, and increases the power with practice and time. It can be used for sleeping.
Breath counting
They have difficulty sleeping? Try this technique in the practice of Zen is used.
Being in a comfortable position, preferably in the back, folded his hands across his chest. Breathe normally.
Exhale and have a This is the length of their first breath.When you exhale, not slower in the second charge ofDo this until the number of five, if possible. Attach a long sigh.Start the cycle again.
Too busy to not think of anything else would.
Respiratory stimulant
This technique aims to improve energy efficiency and alertness. Exercise is a bit noisy.
Breathe through your nose quickly. Keep your mouth shut. Start by selecting three times per second. This should act quickly to his diaphragm.
Breathe normally after each cycle.
Do it for a short period, about 15 seconds. You can increase the cycle of 5 seconds at a time until a full minute.
This exercise pumps oxygen into your body and if done correctly, you feel stronger, because after a good workout. Worth a try by the crisis of 1400 hours at work.
If you're yawning a lot during the day, is a sign that your body needs oxygen. As a result, you will get your muscles tense, and all you want to do what depression is. This exercise aims to relieve tension and get more oxygen in. Some call the technique "Jewish mother" to breathe.Sit in a comfortable position with your shoulders back so that the lungs have more room to grow.
A long sigh, and is, all the sadness of the world. When you think about yourself, tell Jewish mothers, which means you are selfish, if inhaled by the situation of others less fortunate than you. You get rid of all the bad air in the lungs and self-pity in his head. You can use a single syllable, if desired.
We will fill your lungs with air. The more you sigh, you'll catch more fresh air in.
Repeated 5-8 times.
Done correctly, you must revive you and things in perspective.
Breathing suggestive
This technique combines breathing exercises and relaxation with the soothing effect of auto-suggestions.
Lie in a comfortable position. Relax your muscles and let that sink in bed / carpet / floor. Place your hands on the diaphragm on the rib cage. Elbows should be close to touching the soil surface, so if your hands do not respond, okay.
Breathe through your nose, counting slowly and steadily until you feel your hands moving.
Set your deep breathing in the lungs, the stomach can pass.
Breathe in the same period. Keep a counter to your breathing steady and constant.
Imagine that with every breath you send toxins. Give them a color or shape.
Imagine that with every inhalation of energy rushing into the lungs and then to other body parts. If you know a little anatomy, you can allocate how much each one is breathing down your body.Do it for 5 to 10 minutes per day, if you fill your mind fresh and renewed energy, or the end of the day when you want and need sleep.
Turn one of your involuntary instincts, volunteers, and use these techniques to get where you want without having to use artificial drugs always have side effects.

 This is All About Breathing techniques and exercises For the stress and anxiety. 

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