Saturday, 31 March 2012

Behind the Eyes Makeup Techniques from Robert Closs

They say the eyes are the windows of our soul. I think some of our windows need a deep cleaning. No problem. We take a personal inventory of our lives, go inside ourselves and work in the inner essence of our being ... But remember that your curb appeal!

 As shallow as one aspect of makeup, never met a woman who did not respond positively when refined exterior. If our mind is irritated, the inner beauty that expresses itself visually through us is untouchable. But sometimes we need a little help from the outside to make this connection. One feeds the other. So go ahead, but if you leave, do not forget about your exterior window treatments.

Coloring the outside:
That's the question a hundred dollars. What color eyeshadow know how many colors, and when I put them? Believe it or not, sometimes less is more in this situation. More is more when it comes to winning the lottery, but too much makeup can affect the characteristics and storytelling, rather than improve, the face appears to have been pushed by a group of gay terrorists.
If you have mastered your own eyes with a look of simple but effective design, then you can build on this premise, and the colors more, which increases the size. However, knowing the basics before you compete with "That Girl", which is in the next cube.
A version of a simple eye, but you need two beautiful colors, light and dark for contrast. The darkest color concentration usually requires care and treatment of the eye, thus placing it. Most of us are aware that if you have big eyes (Oprah), then you should focus the darkest color in the middle and inner corner of your eye your eye. If you are the planned closure (Babs) then go away, quietly focus on the outer corners. If I'm bored I'm going to apologize. So here are some general, not more intelligent recipes that look good on most of us. A wide range of girls at 2 ... Thank you.
Tight eye makeup technique 1A-girls, and most of his friends - the general population: corrective (for simplicity, is the closed pump therapy or balanced bells a sweet cover and shade in outer corner, the tone dark. add incredible dimension to the lids with a little push and expand at the same time.)
Apply a whitish, cream or milky pink to ¾ of the upper eyelid starting at the inside corner. Take the second darker color, and with a small brush shade the outer lid with your chin slightly lifted in the mirror (which are their own breakfast). Shadow of the outer corner inward. And for the love of God, to the upper cover with a coating line at the bottom line!
HaveIf only the upper lash line.orYou lash line top and bottom.
Don'tsLayers is not just the bottom lash line - that draws the eye down, bottom is thick and has the appearance of the ten worst music videos of 1982.

This is All About Behind the Eyes Makeup Techniques from Robert Closs.


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