Thursday, 15 March 2012

3 Morning Makeup Mistake to avoid by Chrissy Callahan

Prepare to be a major pain in the morning to ask where you can be anything. He woke up, went home to go to work, and you do not know the power of face makeup thoroughly. However, it always seems to do just that, makeup and do a lot of mistakes along the way. Avoid all periods of makeup, with our help!

Sonia Kashuk Professional Makeup, we discussed the major makeup errors affecting most of the time in our morning routines to discover. Take a look and decide to keep margins in 2012!
Make-up to the bad lightIf you put on your makeup in the morning and are happy with the way you look, but the inside looks like an Oompa Loompa when you go outside, there is something wrong. "There is nothing worse or more waste of time to wear a full face, go out and realize that you have to start from scratch," says Kashuk. "Poor lighting can affect how you see color, you cause an unwanted pregnancy loss stain or mark and advise unnecessary overhead of makeup."
So how can you fix this? Kashuk suggests applying makeup in natural light as much as possible. This gives you the best view of what your face look like the rest of the world, and save you Jersey Shore misadventures worthy of beauty.
Too Foundation:If you think you can improve your skin problem by lumping in the thick foundation, you are actually paying more attention to their faults and eat valuable time in your morning routine. The solution? Go a little natural.
"You always want to leave as a natural skin as possible," says Kashuk. "Try the foundation, based on needs rather than covering the whole face if you have the right color base, may apply to specific places and smooth in her bare skin for a mixture of perfect face."
For hours on eye makeup:All women in the context of at least once. We want our eyes and seductive look perfect, if you spend too much time with them.Kashuk says it does not take forever to start and the track ready to watch, though.
"Most people focus much attention on perfecting your eye makeup, slowly, layer by layer to add color and alignment with skill in the eye," says Kashuk. "And if it can be a great technique for all the glamor of the night on the town, it is best to leave this kind of look to the professionals."
Keep things simple and apply a simple wash of color on the lid and add the definition of lash line with a little food. Want to make things even easier? Kashuk says he likes with a small brush to mix a synthetic gel eyeliner pencil or to address the problems and create a perfectly smooth line.

This is all about 3 Morning Makeup Mistake to avaid By Chrissy Callahan.


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