Monday, 5 March 2012

How To Fix Broken Makeup By Sarah Joynt

Get up with the cost of branded beauty products each season, a damaged or broken can be devastating. Will not reach for the trash immediately, here are some tips you can save your favorite lipstick and compact.

It happens to everyone. A slip of the hand, overzealous brushing your fingers, just a second and then crushed. The dust of the favorite activity of the red shadow, bronzer, or sitting on the floor, its contents previously broken into small pieces virgins. You throw it away? No! There are steps you can take to recover only a couple of items in stock. You only need a few drops of alcohol and a knife, spoon or butter. If you form a shadow, a spoon is probably better, but for larger spatula to cover more ground. Put all the pieces fall as much as possible before you start, when you want to use as little alcohol as possible, then simply add a few drops to sweeten the product. Drag the pieces with the flat side of the spoon or knife until it resembles its former glory. Now all you have to do is wait until it dries before you can use as usual.
Sometimes the damage is too great, so if your powder is more compact than the fall-mail pieces, and destroy the rest in a loose powder. Antique chests that containers are large and easy to complete.

Part of the fun of what is the makeup, especially in public, that the movement, the strike. But what if you crush it in the cover? The smartest way to save is to make your lipstick palette clean. Makeup palettes lipstick done for decades, but most normal women who adhere to the pipes.
There are two ways to make a palette. The first is simply to take a knife to remove the lipstick bruised, and broadcast it in its container of your choice. This does not look very good but not good. The other option is to get a small tank, a bunker is working well again, or four empty eyeshadow and pour in your favorite colors. You only need a small amount of lipstick, but this way you have your own custom palette with all your favorite colors.
To transfer the lipstick, and make it look clean and professional, you need a candle, a spoon, a toothpick, and its container. Take a small amount of lipstick and put it on the spoon. Hold the spoon over the flame, but never touch the bottom of the pan to flame. You only need a very low heat, melt the lipstick being so patient and let it melt slowly, stirring with a toothpick. Once melted, poured into the container. Do not pour, it extends all the way up, as can be seen easily when cooled. Then wipe the spoon and start the next color.Broken Makeup is a pain, but by no means the end of the fun. Follow these tips and save your favorite products.

This is All About How To Fix Broken Makeup By Sarah Joynt.


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