Friday, 16 March 2012

How to Wear Metallic Makeup For Day and Night

 How to Wear Metallic Makeup For Day and Night:

Many women are reluctant to make cash, especially during the day because it is difficult to hide your flaws, if you have been attentive points glow in every angle of vision. Not necessarily metallic, glitter, sequins, but not always a bad thing that category all shades of gold, silver, bronze, red brass and contains all the notes in between.

Day:The most important thing to remember when wearing the metal in the scale of days. This is an excellent opportunity for the duo-chrome multifaceted colour's. Even more subtle nuances Chrome Duo can be used alone, and yet very large. Colours such as MAC cult favourite, wood Hoodwinked $ 15, an old gold-tone can be mixed to create a new colour. If you are a beginner, replace it with metal, bends natural colour tone eyeshadow brass or bronze, like Urban Decay Gunmetal $ 17, with some thoughts. Mix in the fold, and you can enjoy bright eyes, without attracting attention. Rossy's shadow, like Laura Mercer Eye Colour metallic gold cream rose $ 22, are also a subtle way of introducing metal in your everyday look.

NightThe night is when most women go wrong with metallic luster. Glitter should be used sparingly and with due skill, so you still can see how sophisticated to qualify for the more opaque metal shade. Glitter Liner traditional look forced, instead, try to pencil in silver or gold, like Make Up For never in the Aqua Eyes 8L or 9L God Silver $ 18 in the lower lash line with a traditional black eyeliner underneath eyelashes. As an alternative to following the traditional smoky eye, a pair of bright coloured, like NA RS eyeshadow in Daphne $ 24, a deep purple colour, with some highlights of silver or gold, like Make Up For powder Diamond $ 24 However, in the inside corners.

This is All About How To Wear Metallic Makeup For Day and Night.


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