Friday, 30 March 2012

All New Shalwar Kameez Immersive Design 2012

All new salwar kameez Immersive Design:2012

Cotton their rounds every summer cool-print tie and dye. Provides mulmul with or without odhni. The contrast of styles were fashionable shalwar kurta with-all-odhni in different colors. The designers are inspired to create special collections for bridal gowns, Independence Day and also for Diwali festival. View rags formal organza, silk taffeta and work exclusively with ornaments, matching accessories such as handbags and shoes for the wedding season. There are smooth and vivid colors and West Indian look to the parties.

 Each suit has undergone changes and disappears shalwar kameez retains its feminine charm with modern appeal with designs each season.

For much of the 1900s, between 1920 and 1960, say the women wore a short shalwar that was somewhere between the hip and knee. Were generally made of cotton or khadi (jute). In fact, adjustment is similar to that of a long shirt. The difference is that it is precisely with a slit on both sides. The shalwar then was burned extensively with a narrow horizontal band at the end.

Post-1970, shalwar kameez styles seemed to have spread to many. In fact, we have rarely met people with common designs. The variants used in the tissue, said the type of work, and cuts. Apart from the straight cut kameez, dress styles are of different lengths - short, knee-length, as well as those that flow to the ankle.

In fact, women in India found that this piece of clothing to wear comfortable and convenient than the sari was. In fact, this garment especially the northern regions of India where the climate was too cold to account saree.The celebrated as the national dress of Pakistan.

This is all new heavy shalwar kameez design 2012.


twisha patel said...
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Unknown said...

Great Blog! I love these latest designs of Indian salwar kameez. Salwar Kameez is an ideal wear for any women who wishes to see herself simple and beautiful. Indian Salwar Kameez is apparently the most comfortable and suitable garment among ethnic Indian apparels. Thanks for sharing with us.

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