Monday, 27 February 2012

Clearly Different! Kiehl's CLearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

Are you with the areas of sun damage,uneven tone of the skin or dark spots and frustration of acne scarring on the skin?Kiehl solution has a dark and light square remedy is "clearly" different from other whitening serums.Read on to learn more ...
The first thing I noticed when I opened Kiehl dermatologist Solutions ® Clear dark spot corrective solution is that it was clear! Because this solution is formulated with "C activated" (a derivative of vitamin C), no oxidation, so need not be housed in a brown bottle. Kiehl is the first company to offer this technology in the U.S., therefore, there is nothing comparable available.
"C ON" is in other respects, too. Is photo-stable, is now in contact and has a small molecular size, which means that the ingredients into the skin to begin immediately to get to work. Slow addition (this is an excess of melanin, which causes skin discoloration), activated by the production of C and distribution of melanin, and shows that the fight against the current cluster of dark spots and blows, disintegrate before the form, to clarify an important point of difference from other products.
So ... The main differences with other products of "whitening" out there. What I found when I tried it? First, it works very fast. I'm definitely ready to black Kiehl recovery solution for about 3 weeks and I am considered a flash of my sun spots. I have not seen all areas of irritation or sensitivity, since I used it. Master that this product can be used twice a day(after cleaning),and can be used for years. In the past, I let other whitening products that worked during the summer due to increased sensitivity to sunlight(such as Retin A and hydroquinone).And do not forget to wear sunscreen every day!



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