Tuesday, 28 February 2012

New Face Makeup

Although best known as the mineral foundation is identified with the blush bronzer eye shadow contains correction and lip makeup finishing powder. It feels better and looks like a lot is known on the face that the traditional face painting. You can choose from a Search oily or shiny satin suitable for the location of mineral liquid or dry normal and can even locate your makeup if you prefer liquid foundation mineral powder foundation. All bases are powder dry and loose, though - and some are not pressed powders loose powders have a feeling almost creamy and really works well on dry skin and pores.


Mineral makeup is made primarily from mineral pigments finely ground and processed. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide regularly, providing some security for each SPF.

 The components of mineral makeup

Foundations may vary many models. Some are essentially mica and other essentially of titanium dioxide and / or zinc oxide. Rather more to the bright and shiny mica, bismuth oxychloride have, but also no basis mates, without these ingredients, which are often preferred by women with oily skin. If you suffer from acne or rosacea or sensitive skin, you really need to be able to use mineral makeup, but you can request to stay away from includes a handful of typical ingredients, bismuth oxychloride and mica.
To shine or not shineIf you are new to mineral makeup meet to consider whether or not to shine in your makeup collection and if so where. If I could make oily skin and pores, or foundation bright, shining his oily skin. Once can choose a base mat, which also includes oil absorbing ingredients such as kaolin clay. However, you can add a touch of brightness with the installation of a powder of brightness to add the best finish.
As a bit of sparkle to your eyes? You can create a bright eye shadow, even if you use a base mat. Just be aware that if you have deep wrinkles on the eyelids matte eye shadow to hide, it's much better. With matte eye shadow, you can still get a very spectacular to see if this is what you are after. You can also highlight your cheeks blush or bronzer bright, seems to give a sunny spot.
QualityConsider the quality of the elements involved in its mineral composition. As you consider the high quality components in the body, it is important to watch what goes in search of the entire body will not. Some of your makeup to be consumed by the nose, mouth and eyes, and some may be absorbed through the skin. Mineral Makeup components are usually safe and totally free of suspect components, such as phthalates, parabens and talc dangerous. Check labels to be positive, however. Some brands are better than others.


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