Monday, 20 February 2012

New Natural Designer Abaya 2012

Abayass designers are very good and up to the mark in this regard. You will see these beautiful abaya in any color they are very comfortable and adapted to every great atmosphere. The seams on the sleeves and the front of this classic abaya offers a unique style. This selection is made from polyester fabric of high quality at all times. Abayass Islamic dress is a whole body of women are the feet, except the hands and face. But now they are playing religious dress looks very elegant, as it takes in the machining of new designers.
Although Abayass available in a variety of colors like white, beige, rust, blue, green and pink, but definitely BLACK Abayass still the hottest trend is black as the color of the evergreen Islamic fashion. In fact, there is a formal, semi-casual or party clothes of Muslim women usually did the black costumes from around the world and still dominates the mainstream. According to Muslim designers have the attraction of grace and fascinating Black has to offer as a color, is really wonderful because it is the perfect setting for beautiful works such as patchwork, embroidery and sequins, while adding a touch of class and thanks for keeping up to offer.
Black abayas in India or Pakistan, which are produced by the local color and normal cotton material. The abaya would have embroidery in dark colors like brown and navy. It also works with a repair material especially in the sleeves and neck bright. Embroidery is usually in the arms and the bottom of abayas.
Abayass be used with different styles from around the world and the variety is greater. In Europe and the U.S. have been adapted in many different styles and new styles of Muslims as part of jilbabs labels were created. The reason for all the Islamic dress is the same, regardless of location or origin of dressing conservatively.
Abayass designers also are attracting some of the biggest names in international fashion. Fashion designer rose and looking at the big clothing market predominantly urban East and offer traditional clothing in these markets. Renowned designers such as Dior, John Galliano has Abayass line of local artists and designers will also wake up the creative potential of Abayass.

This is all about Natural Designer Abaya 2012.


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