Sunday, 26 February 2012

5 Tips for Choosing a Leather Jacket Trend

had become a trend in the age of 80 years. These days, a leather jacket is always synonymous with fashion for men or Tomboy girl. Frightening the familiar feeling from the beginning of fashion leather jackets appear with the figure of other cyclists and rock singer.
Here are some tips on choosing a leather jacket:
Note the sizeMake sure the size is not too tight nor too loose. To determine if you wear leather jacket fitted, check the shoulder. If too low, it means that is too large. If the cut is too high, then the jacket is too tight. Select the correct size, but the jacket is not very strong.
Selecting a length of tapeIt was in the 80's was a great leather jacket that accentuates the impression of a tomboy. But at the time of the year 2000, the shorter the size, the most illustrious of the uniqueness of your computer. Select the size of a length leather jacket, or even less. The chest Leather Jacket Bolero model was still single.
Add the "Blink Blink"Smooth black leather jacket that was yesterday! Insert rivets, zippers, used for decoration, or other accents on the jacket is not boring.
Leather jacket + shirt + jeans = Rockin 'casual!Leather jackets can be mixed-shirts and jeans, which at first seemed very bold casual. Add boots and shoes add a scarf around the idea of ​​retro.
Classic RockTo produce a classic, retro jacket, black leather mixed with any other piece of clothing are also shades of black. But do not let their looks monotonous. Add strings of a string of bright silver ornaments of silver and a more nuanced impression tuk.
Edgy ChicSkirts and dresses with accents tutu tulle, lace and sequins are very feminine. But that does not mean it can not be combined with a leather jacket masculinity. These two elements can have a smooth appearance of androgyny, especially when combined with black stockings.


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