Monday, 20 February 2012

NEw Pure Art of Henna Designs 2012

It was always an Indian or Pakistani wedding and marveled at the beauty of design and illustrations of hands and feet with henna? For those not sure what those are called Mehndi art, and are ready to heenna (mahndi heenna design), which comes from the leaves of the plant heenna. Another name for the plant is flowering plant heenna cypress, and the word itself comes from the Arabic henna Hinna.

There are different types of available mehndi, for example, India and Pakistan called mehndi mehndi mehndi Arabic three. He believes that art is the use of body parts heenna for over 5000 years have been, although there is little evidence to support this claim. Some historians, the Mughals, to believe that this art brought to India, but others really believe that art originated in India itself.

There are others who argue that Mehndi This was the first time in the Middle East and even North Africa, there are different opinions about art history, if historians employ. However, there is evidence that archaeologists concrete shoes historic black heenna actually been used in Egypt in Pharaonic times. There are mummies that were found in black henna on their toes and fingers.

Mehndi designs heenna have always been used in marriage in India, and are in fact mentioned in folk tales of the past as well. The use of wedding mehndi has been preserved to this day maintain, and take in countries like Yemen, the art of mehndi application for a wedding near hard to meet four or five days only requirements for traditional marriage. The same could be in Pakistan, where brides are adorned, in general, is said to look radiant on your big day with beautiful mehndi.

This is all about Pure Art of Henna Designs 2012.


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