Thursday, 23 February 2012

Exclusive Shalwar Kameez Design 2012

We are in a beautiful modern design in 2011 and have already submitted their best work to stimulate our personality and beauty. I have 10 beautiful designs of shalwar kameez that are perfect for collecting the boiling point of 2011.

A long shirt or blouse is called Kameez. Camisia America "shirt", tunic ", inherited this word Kameez. The kameez is usually cut straight and flat. Kameez shalwar kameez generally very informal and decoration on the neck and sleeves. Kameez shalwar kameez, Pakistan as compared kameez in India is different. The width of chest, and wore size range of the circumference of the bottom in parallel or in series. Kameez Pakistani shalwar kameez length is generally below the knee and sleeves loose. The neck is generally very high, the back to hide the body with a religious purpose.
Shalwar kameez shalwar kameez, or a dress that normally subcontinent by women and the traditional costumes worn by various peoples of Asia wear. This is a traditional dress of Punjab in India and Pakistan, which is also called "Punjabi Suit" and is the national dress for men and women in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Some time is instead of Salwar it is pronounced as Shalwar but basically refer to the same clothes.
Traditional Kameez is normally long in the knee with a wide range (Gher) and innings. Is almost completely covered by the depth of the neckline, as 2-3 as "medium-low and the front and 7.6" neck before the fall. Not broad or wide in the neck as 7.6 "thumbs together, head into the Kameez.
Dupatta (scarf or shawl or a store or) is the third piece shalwar kameez set. Hello, normally takes the head and neck ...
For Muslim women, the dupatta is a less severe alternative to the chador or burqa. Subcontinent for women (mostly from Pakistan, where the salwar kameez is most popular), the dupatta is useful when the head must be covered, as in a temple or the presence of the elderly. For other women, the dupatta is simply a stylish accessory that can be worn over one shoulder or slung on his chest and both shoulders.

This is all about Exclusive Shalwar Kameez Design 2012.


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