Friday, 17 February 2012

Fashion Fall/Winter 2011-2012: Back to Women's Fashion Basics

There are no secrets or fashion rules that are set in stone when it comes to stylish women wearing the latest fashion trends fall and winter. In fact, it's easy to see this season and beyond fabulous. There is a risk of faith that will lead to classic fashion styles and easier. Some examples of timeless styles that have been used to affect later in this season's fashion for women.
The monochromatic look - basic colors are always the best option to use when getting dressed in the style of a single color from head to toe. The art of adapting an entire team with an elegant and monotone can create fashion forward and classic and elegant look.
Parts summer and autumn mix - No need to reorganize the closets or drawers from season to season. Mixing and matching smart fashion pieces light and heavy, interesting textures and a variety of looks that will never be sticky look old.
The large size clothing - dress women played a key role a little bigger this season. Silhouettes and exaggerated forms are elegantly combined to complete the feminine form, while exuding a powerful presence and a strong sense of confidence.
Beauty Basics - The simple ponytail took a new turn this season, decorated with multiple clips. This innovative design creates a sleek, classic and practical it would be a personal style of every woman beautiful. The eyes are the windows to the soul. This season, the use of a single color around the eyes metallic beautifully accentuates its shape. When paired with black or brown mascara can be inspired sensual and feminine look easy.
This season, classic styles are bold. The latest fashion trends may be the current flavor of the day, but at the end of the basic appearance will reign forever. Creatively integrating some of the basics of fashion yesterday in the mixture of styles in fashion today, a number of fashion-forward looks that can be created in this fashion woman fall and winter and beyond.
Photo: Winter 2012 Prada.


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