Monday, 27 February 2012

Break Dark Spots for A Flawless Glow With Garnier Light Ultra Intense Fairness Moisturizer

Garnier has always been at the forefront of innovation. Since that time, provided the consumer with the first solution rather dark in 2004 to prove the justice that they are promising since. In 2012, Garnier brings light to the virgins of consumers in India, the next challenge in the fight against the dark patches of skin radiant.
Global market leader in skin care welcomes Garnier actress Priyanka Chopra as the new face of Garnier Skin Naturals range. Priyanka Chopra will be the adoption of the equity of Garnier Light Ultra intense moisturizer in a print and television campaign exciting.
Introduction, Garnier Ultra Light. A moisturizer with a breakthrough technology equity point of the switch. Impeccable bright - not a miracle, is a molecule. A molecule that acts on the spots with a 3-way action and ultra-light makes the solution to fight stains. To make the product as completely as possible, but also protects the skin against sun damage, especially the effects on the dark spots.
What is clear skin if you can still see the dark spots on the skin? Now pause to perfect glowing skin.
About the product - with the combination of advanced technology and drugs, the new Garnier Light Moisturizer Ultra 3-Way Equity intense spot reduction and makes dark skin fairer 2 tones.
• On the spot: The spot switch revolutionary Technology ™ has the unique ability of dark spots and acne scars to fight. Acne marks are visibly reduced and dark spots appear less visible in the size, number and intensity. "No wonder it is a molecule"• On the skin: With its unique formula enriched with pure lemon oil Garnier Intense Ultra Light Hydrating equity remove dead skin cells on the surface of the accumulation and the luminosity of the complexion.
Thus, a major cause of dark spots. This provides multi-purpose cream, not only radiant skin, but also offers protection from the sun 16 X more. Formulated with SPF 16 / PA + + + protects your skin against skin darkening and the reappearance of the spots.
Garnier Light Fairness Intense Moisture Ultra is available in retail outlets in India. Available in two sizes G, G 40 and 18, and sold at MRP of Rs 199 and Rs 109
Garnier light skin products:Garnier Light line of skin care offers comprehensive care, cleaning and moisturizing either. Fixed with its innovative combination of natural ingredients does not promise results Garnier light in just 7 days. Product Line of Light offers a smoother skin, visible justice and prevents stains to be the envy of all!

The range includes:Justice First Light faceliftSecond Light Day Cream SPF 15Soft Scrub equity third night.


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