Sunday, 26 February 2012

Gifted Couple Watches from Tag Heuer for the Valentine's Day 2012

"Tick, tick, tick" when the clock strikes the door in February, the unique aroma of love in the air was gradually extended. Love is always inseparable from time and time is always a witness of love. TAG Heuer has produced four different combinations of two clocks in this season of aesthetics as follows: Collection of ceramics in the F1, the path is the collection reflects the calm temperament Carrera, Monaco collection is an interpretation of personality and collection of sample loops elegance. Meeting with TAG Heuer in 2012 and his love.

Men and women, custom Monaco Collection:In the words of Monaco, will use the small European country in a romantic place with freedom. Sports cars, luxury and romance, it seems that every word that symbolizes freedom and personality are closely linked to that country. Therefore, the TAG Heuer Monaco Collection: The Maverick rectangular area meet the unique requirements of couples personal aesthetic. This type of unusual design is both bold and unique as the couple that this fashion trend to follow closely the clock, not wanting to be the trend. The addition of a rectangular shape in time to interpret the personality and ego, and love to rent a unique way. Men and women who bravely take to the tradition and challenge themselves, are doomed to clash, sparks of love with watches of the year in Monaco.

Links of the city and a couple:Link Watches pair of clean lines are a dynamic beauty and the liquid metal to highlight the vitality, clarity and precision of the clock, the city-pairs that leads to one embodiment of the city has become a model elegant. Crown bezel and polished clean background are both in a contemporary style, TAG Heuer logo in black and white dial inserted by hand. The curves are hand carved and hand polished. The buckle of the strap S-shaped ergonomic wrist makes the most comfortable. The torque link watch is an elegant choice for the modern couple, the sweetness and happiness at every opportunity.


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