Friday, 24 February 2012

Superb Garnier Cosmetics 2012 Beauty Tips

The cosmetics industry is Rs 712 core (approximately) and is now estimated to grow to Rs 1514 base to 2012. India, China, is one of the biggest cosmetics market in Asia and has grown about 60 percent since the 1990s, after a € Monitor report. Today, people do not pay a cent care, but prefer to buy the best, is clothing, shoes, cosmetics or perfumes to be, although consumption is very low compared to other nations, despite the high penetration of cosmetic products.

The cosmetics market in India is full of imitations of original products that are reliable at a much lower price than that. These imitations of cheap materials that can sometimes be harmful to the skin. The growing need to look good, together with the reasons, has led them to buy more branded products, which prevents the passage of a disorganized an organized sector. The increasing availability of national and international brands and greater availability of products at affordable prices is that consumers are products from the unorganized.
India working on a very sensitive, low per capita spending on personal products offering impressive growth opportunities for this industry. Strong interest in personal care, with the increase in disposable income helped the industry achieve this size. And with better living standards, increasing competition, a significant change in consumer attitudes toward spending, with a letter of intent, lifestyles and high-quality cosmetics at affordable prices coupled are removed, the luxury goods, products need to grow. Increasing the number of women who work is certainly guided to an increase in the use of cosmetics.
Increased exposure to international trends, glamor, fashion and lifestyle as a whole has a great dynamic in the industry. In short, NV Sivakumar, head of sales practice, PricewaterhouseCoopers said. "The perfume and cosmetics segments are witnessing growth due to a variety of supply and demand factors driving the RS for further growth in this segment are increasing revenue, the growth of modern trade, go to consumer needs India, feel and smell good emphasis more on personal hygiene and the impact of the global influence of life. "We played a great role in Bollywood witnessed the growth of this industry. Actors and actresses are the young style icons and various companies have them as a brand ambassador with the rope in a greater attraction to create their products. The growth of industry led to several innovations to the attention of more people.
Fair skin tend to be a valuable asset for a woman is, but men are not far behind in the league. Innovation and the search led to an increase in the care market for men, Rs 1,000 crore a perched. Although the range of men is not as elaborate as those of women, including shaving cream, aftershave, perfumes and hair care and skin. Retailers are gaining ground quickly and introduce new products to attract male customers. The growth of this category is attributed to the joint representation of the actors in Bollywood, with exposure to international trends. Many important MBO are also providing more space for products for men.
The cosmetics industry will be the main actors, which is dominated by a strong power in the market. Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), Procter & Gamble, L'Oreal, Garnier, Revlon, Maybelline, Godrej Group, Dabur and Lakmé are the quintessence of this industry. Several other herbs are Lotus, L'Occitane, Bare Essentials body, color bar, multinationals biotic, etc. Many are also the ranges of the introduction of its international portfolio in the Indian market to capture a large market share. Direct seller Amway, Avon, Oriflame, and also play an important role in the Indian market for cosmetics, direct sales systems to reach remote areas, even. Several international brands such as H 2 O, Estee Lauder, Davidoff, MAC, Calvin Klein, The Body Shop, Marks & Spencer, Moschino, Mary Kay and many others appear in Indian Shores. Most brands, however, widespread through MBO EBO place, but that does not mean they are becoming independent stores.
The outlook for the industry seems to be very good. Go to increasing awareness, more disposable income, low per capita on cosmetics in the country, this industry will certainly grow in the coming period. As the cosmetics industry in India is still low compared to international markets, shows that there is significant growth potential.

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