Monday, 20 February 2012

New Exclusive Henna Tattoo 2012 Mehndi Design

In warm weather in the Middle East, increasingly central Heena, which bears the scientific name Lawsonia inernis, very nice. Through the centuries, the people of the Middle East have learned to crush the leaves of henna, and therefore to a powder. When the powder with the oil is mixed mehndi may be applied to the skin.

Why is a mixture of oil and put powder on the skin? Well, what happens as powdered chemicals, contain tannins, said. These tannin powder give the crushed leaves, the ability to color the objects by pressing the powder. When mixed with mehndi oil, dust from the skin. The skin is one of several shades of brown.

The Egyptians used oil and mehndi heenna rubbing with the fingers of the pharaohs died before the mummification process. Later, encouraged the creation of different cultures heenna / mehdhi tattoos. Each culture has its own unique kind of heenna / mehndi tattoo.

The Arabs have chosen to make large floral designs on the hands and feet. Indians preferred to fine lines in each heenna tattoo / mehndi. They painted their hands, forearms, shins and feet with henna designs Lacy / mehndi.

This is all about Exclusive Henna Tattoo Mehndi  2012.


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