Saturday, 18 February 2012

Skin Oily and Shiny 5 Steps To Overcome

And more prone to acne, oily skin is also of concern because it does not see his face radiant and makeup time. So what can we do to minimize the oil on the skin?

First wash your face with soap more than three times a day
Twice is enough, after waking and before bedtime. If necessary, wash your face in the middle of the day. Use soap or a facial cleanser which is not the cream base. Avoid cleansing milk, as it will make oily skin. Also avoid frequent washing of the face, because the skin is dry and in fact will make the glands produce more oil.

Always ready for the role of second stroke
Although this work is not absorbing oil may reduce oil production, it is useful to eliminate the brightness of her face and makeup does not fade fast.

Use third special moisturizing oily skin
Oily skin is also a moisturizer. But another option, because the average moisturizer works to moisturize dry skin, oily skin, if you do not need more moisture. Be sure to use a moisturizer that is oil-free, especially for oily skin.

Use a quarter of toner after washing your face
Toner is a good product to reduce the oil content in the face. But be sure to use a toner that contains no alcohol. Alcohol actually causes dry skin and sebaceous glands produce more oil because of it.

Cosmetic use 5th from powder (powder)
No shame eyshadow and cream, because they fade quickly and "melt" in your face is oily.


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