Monday, 27 February 2012

Rouge Coco Hydrating Cream Lip Colour & Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer LipShine

Coco wearing red lips of a beauty simple and obvious step every day.Thanks to its soft texture, creamy and luxurious, timeless packaging, is not familiar to every moment of the life of a woman, find their natural place in the handbags of women today. The new formula combines hydration and comfort Coco Rouge. Created by Chanel, the Hydra complex offers 8 hours of hydration comes with a single application. The choice of pigments with the highest quality in order to optimize the formula-comfort.

Coco Rouge makeup result offers a velvety and luminous. Sleek and shiny, all shades of easy to use and can be used in their own way to suit your mood.

Places of legendary jewels into symbols of the passions, the names tell the story of the life of Gabrielle Chanel. A classic that has never been unleashed!

Coco Red SHINE is an irresistible desire to ease flit through your makeup. With a touch naughty, she slips with all the charm and freshness of a snapshot.

Since the melt as a texture of lip balm, all in fluid contact with the lips and offers a beautiful natural wet gloss effect. Fresh and delicate, offering an unforgettable feeling of wellbeing.

The lips are wrapped in the comfort of incomparable with continuous hydration of 8 hours a Hydra complex offers the secret of the sweetness of Coco Rouge area.

The sparkling vitality, your smile is pure color, from beige to some sparkling red.
BRIGHT Red Coconut infused in 18 colors with a light, so your smile to suit every emotion and desire every day.
His first success of magical encounters, their names tell the story of Coco Chanel at the beginning of their destiny.

Pick up the color your heart desires!


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