Tuesday, 28 February 2012

New Black Makeup

Taking the makeup
Choose the appropriate base or foundation is very important for black skin in India and Africa. Why are they based? If you have darker skin pores and is more likely that the skin tone and have uneven pigmentation. The foundation helps balance color of the skin and cover pigmentation scars. Here are some ideas on how to obtain one of the largest shade of foundation for skin black.
The first three basic colors to choose from that are in your pores and tone closer and see that in his jawline. You are not positive, there is another side to make your pores and be positive, to examine in daylight. The shadows that connects to the skin and is "invisible" is one you should choose very special. Do not see the shadows of the basis on hand, like the skin of the hand.

                               Black Makeup

A different color for your face. Also make sure that the shadows of the chest and neck is - you want to appear to not put a mask! Women's dark skin color tend to be slightly darker or lighter skin and pores are in different parts of the face - choose a color that closely matches the vast majority of his face. Choose a foundation with yellow tones, as rug universal for dark skin.
If you give the look of makeup based on sales on the Internet for organizations that samples of the Foundation or the testers, so check at the residence.
Do not try to lighten or darken the skin pores by applying a lighter shade of foundation, as it will make your skin look healthy and against nature. If you skin lightening, use a loose powder with the pure light reflected want houses (if the dust is not transparent, it should be 1-2 shades lighter than your base). This technique subtly illuminates the complexion, without pores and tone the skin. The reverse is also true - not tanned with dark base to give much more - as an alternative matte bronzer.
Since the protection of its positive, a foundation with more protection than generally tend to choose as a black skin is uneven and more prone to pigmentation. A mattifying and oil absorbent pores to dark skin tends to produce more oil and fat being proposed. A kind of makeup that meets all the requirements is the mineral foundation.
In fact, use a primer? It depends - if you want to neutralize yellow skin or yellow, with a lavender starts at the base. If you need to use concealer, choose a shade that is 1-2 shades lighter than your base. It is used for specific problems with a brush to use and based on the best of him.
The selection of eye shadows and lip blush
The darker the skin and pores, the more intense the color that you should look for your skin. Choose warm colors and use colors that are too light - the shadows are delicate red rose in the compact beautiful, but is simply "sit" as a dark pale powder. A dark shadow is reached "translucent color wash" effect on your pores and improve skin tone.
For lip colors to choose colors such as bronze berry wines of Burgundy plum and copper. Pick-lip products with a matte or gloss Full easy - Matt Stay away from anything. If you choose a lip liner color that matches your lipstick natural.
With these ideas, you should have no difficulty in choosing makeup is flattering for your complexion. The key factor to remember is that you must wear makeup will not improve your tan is set fully outstanding.

               This is All About Black Makeup.


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