Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Asian Bridal Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup from Asia:
 Asian-style eye makeup Asian eyes are almond-shaped, often with a fair skin tone diagonally from black to white. Asian women have a lot of fastener in the skin of which are exotic features are becoming a bit of experience. Asian women just want to show. The eyes are the eyes of exclusive Asian tapas, without wrinkles. It takes a little practice for the partition of the eye the eye of traditional techniques. Therefore, apply primer to the lash line to brow and let dry. Not for the multiple layers of primer. If dry, then go for eye shadow.

Eyeshadow: Traditional techniques are bright eye shadow on the cover of the darkness of their wrinkles and again the lighter shade on the brow bone to high-light, they are. In addition, add the darker color on the outside of the fifth This order is not with Asian eyes. Here you can find, add the dark lash line and gradually increase to the marker on the brow bone. In this way, we obtain the more sophisticated look. Another approach is to apply the color light with high light inside of the lid near the nose. Fade shadow on something and then go dark shadow in the outer cover. No need for both the darker colors. The high is more easily applied to the brow bone. Now, the liner is applied to the end.

Eyeliner: The correct use of eyeliner makes the eyes bigger. The black line on the lash line to make the eyes bright and beautiful. The coating must be easily moved to the outside of the lash line from the outer corner of the eye as soon as dry eyeliner eyeshadow fill fine brush dipped in black shadow of the gap. Eyeliner is not used in the bottom of the deck, but preferred to apply the eye shadow brush in the dark eyeshadow and apply it to the lower eyelid. Slightly so that blurring is not squinting eye sight.

Mascara and eyelash: The first step is to attract them because they are the same way that wind by applying the layer of mascara to give the final look. 

This is All About Asian Bridal Eye makeup.


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