Monday, 27 February 2012

Crayon Sourcils Sculfting Eyebrow Pencil & Le Sourcil De Chanel Perfect Brows

To improve the original shape of the eyebrow, which vary in intensity or make it, claiming its place in the essential beauty eyebrows PENCIL stage.

Chanel has a texture powder glides smoothly over the skin to its long pencil, which comes in a choice of four subtle colors selected. Fits any and all eye makeup eyebrows.

With a line that is always elegant, simple or aggravated, is raising eyebrows PEN structure of attention to its unique beauty.

All-in-one kit features three shades, two applicators and tweezers in a compact mirror.

Give the final appearance in the front and color definition. Three colors to fit front to get the desired color.

In highly concentrated mineral pigment powder offers long wear. Brush the eyebrows in a row, giving an ideal form. Magnifying mirror for precise application.


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