Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hong Kong Fashion Week 2012-World Boutique HKTDC Fashion Week 2012

An exclusive report in the latest fashion event known as Hong Kong Fashion Week Autumn / Winter 2012 (HKFW) will be here in a perfect way to Hong Kong, a very popular fashion center in Asia, the world. of the 10 This problem is known to have international events taking place recently.lets mode take a look!
Hong Kong Fashion Week is the biggest fashion event of the second in the world and the biggest fashion event of the event is organized by Asian countries.this "Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC)" as the World "store" orfanized known. This is an International Marketing Council. international fashion began January 16 and ended on January 19 glamorous fashion events 2012.this left his elegant and beautiful effect in the minds of was all about the latest trends of 2012 2013.the main objective of the event was the fall / winter 2012 fashion trends of Hong Kong Fashion Capital International Directory world.The HLCEC is wonderful.Hong Kong Fashion Week fall.winter 2012.laumched clothing.accessories the latest collection, shoes and jewelry design, fashion brands and designers so elegant that this event unforgettable tailented Fahion promotion.
Three areas of new products and the second are presented in the event
* Arcade Denim* The Fair scarves and shawls* Select Bags
These areas were marked simply beautiful!
international trend forecasting agencies'll help seminars in which these agencies use a variety of guidelines for the next mode / trends.these agencies are named as follows:
* WGSN* World Water Day* How to Snoop* Peciers Paris* Stylieslight
These agencies have played a crucial role in predicting fashion trends!
More than 1,900 designers and fashion trends have participated in the main fashion event of some 26 countries and places, exhibition designers took nearly 4,700 buyers who velonged designers from 40 different youth and journalists.buyers.exhibitors counties.Media beauty of this event for participating in this event in a warm environment!
Hong Kong is for the export of fashion brands and products as clothing and other accessories, the United States, United kingdow, Japan and other countries supposedly Germant
A unique feature of this great event was a talent show that is young and designers of the new young designers presented their collections of elegant event.

Four important collections of international designers began his article as beautiful and glamorous, in this case, that is.

* Paris Risto Bimbiloski

* Hong Kong Hidy ng

* Qi Gang Shanghal

* London Craige Lawrence

The characteristics of the fine collection were as follows:

* The Western brands

* The Asian brands

* The Men's Clothing

Use * Women's clothing

* Accessories

* Swimsuit

* Designs Lingerie

* Children's clothing Children

* The wedding dress

Evening Dresses *

* According to Porter

* Sunglasses

* Jewelry

* The Shoes

* Beit Collections

* Bags

* Acrylic scarves

* Point Blouses

* The pants

* The brightness Tops

* Jackets

* Bikini Collections

* Wear close

* The men's shirts

The event was a memorable and elegant way to promote the fashion industry of Hong Kong, fashion lovers, designers and many children's media, including

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