Monday, 27 February 2012

Ballroom Dancing -Let's Talk Shoes

I often hear the question - "What to wear the shoes that I have to dance, it is my opinion that the best option, especially for ballroom dancing and even more specifically for the precise style of dance designed to make plans, but? . long as they will reward you with the shoe with sexy strappy heels Cuban American, or some beautiful sequins for the elegant waltz, practice decision making instead of the street, is quite acceptable.
Well ... That said, let me quickly add that walking shoes will do. Styles, you should avoid anything with rubber soles, and shoes, (not only give the slide that you need on the floor), open toe (for obvious reasons, you are still learning and opportunities for what is your partner) such as sandals or keep (God) flip flops! And yes, I've seen people flip flops show the class! Try to run, a double turn them!
But if you have shoes with leather soles, as lazy, or for women, dress shoes have a style, which are usually received with courtesy. The most important factor is that they feel comfortable and not too hard on the legs. If your feet hurt, soon and do not focus on something else.
The dance itself plays a role in the comfort of your feet. Some studies have the floor to dance, which usually includes a quilt, almost underflooring spring. This type of soil allows the dancers go dancing hours without feeling a great effect ... If the shoes are very comfortable. However, some dance studios are built on a concrete slab, with only a layer of wood on the floors and take your poor feet are flying.
When the time comes that you decide to invest in a good pair of dancing shoes, shop around. Prices and styles vary and the choice is endless. Prices range from $ 30-50 at the lower end of more than $ 200 in the premium segment. Dance shoes are not only designed to be best suited for the dance, but also to improve the general aesthetics of the dance ... You will see the best in the ground.
Most of the functions of the dancing shoes of practical use. The straps are not only aesthetically pleasing, they actually help keep your feet in your shoes. Some styles have elastic part of the Pump It Up "hugs" the foot of the shoe. The heels are different heights and widths, depending on the type of dance for which they are intended. Plants are usually made of leather, which gives you the opportunity to literally "float" like dancing on the floor, and are particularly useful when making turns and tricks. To preserve the life of these plants suede dance shoes should never be used outside. Two other accessories that extend the wear your dancing shoes - carrying bag for transport, and velvet hair brush every few weeks or even Sun
One final note - dancing shoes (or any other shoe for that matter) should be in the afternoon or evening will be judged if your feet are at large in all its magnitude. Will require a lot of your feet in the length of your dance experience ... treat them well, dress well, and has an excellent foundation for building a lifetime of social dancing.


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