Monday, 20 February 2012

New Modern Tips for Apply Lipstick

Lipstick should enhance the beauty of the lips and not seem like a red wound in the mouth opening. Always apply the lipstick with a brush, lipstick. Draw the outline with a brush or a lip pencil and fill in the color of a lipstick. A darker color should be used to define the lip line "and should be used to set in. After application, put a tissue between your lips and pressing a lighter shade. This removes the excess ink.

How to apply lipstick

Find the best shades of lipstick on the lips. For lips, it's best to stick with a medium tone and subtle nuances. Stay away from bright pale colors, plums and dark brown. Clean the dead skin and dry lips with a toothbrush or a dry, soft and warm damp cloth.
Apply: Apply liquid foundation on your lips and let dry. You can also brush your teeth a little dust on the face, lips, if desired. You can maximize a layer of powder foundation with lipstick or a bit of perseverance. Everyone can dry your lips, but in order to use a creamy formula lipstick?

Stretch your lips and slide half upper or lower corners of color. Blot again and again to allow the color lasts longer. The lipstick shade of the teeth makes you look bad. To avoid this, lips extremely forgiven "O" and then the lipstick.

Even if your lipstick smeared on the inside of the lips, wrap your finger with a tissue and put it in his mouth, and gradually move away from any additional color. You can also highlight your lips with a thin layer of eye shadow color with your lipstick in the center of the upper and lower lips aligned.


This is all advice on the modern application of lipstick.


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