Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Popular Cat Eye Makeup Beauty TIPs 2012

The eyes are the most prominent of all faces. But not everyone is lucky enough to have perfect eye appeal. Do not worry, each effect can now be created with the help of makeup. What makeup hot sexy eye malicious to you? Catty eye makeup was all over the ramp this season ... Fashion Week, Gucci, Christian Dior Fashion Week today, Catty eyes etc. to gain popularity in the makeup makeup world. It is more eye makeup as a teenager. Not a full-time match-up. The girls are looking for tips to make malicious eye makeup.

Things you need for this look:

01. black eyeliner pencil sharp

02.Black Eyeliner - Brush

03. Shadow Brush with a squat fine hair

04.Eye shadow darkened room, but should not be too difficult, the shadow matte is preferable

People Cat Eye Makeup Tips 2012

5. Shimmery highlighter for under eye brow.

06.A natural shade of eyebrow pencil

07. curler

08.Labeled black mascara

09. The color of the foundation or concealer natural

10. mirror

Here are the steps and tips for bad eye makeup.

Apply the first foundation on the eyelids, and hide under the eye

With the second stroke of black eyeliner pencil on the front corner of the eyelid, draw a line of sweet spot for the end of your lashes.

Use the brush to apply eye third eye shadow dark at the top of the line of flash memory to look sweet and smoky. Make sure the edges are well blended.

Then take the fourth eyeliner brush and apply as close to the lashes as possible on the top lid only. Make a thick line on the outside corner.

Unlike blanket fifth of carbon eyeshadow with a brush to soften the hard edges.

Combine the sixth dark eyeshadow eyelashes to your eye crease. Then apply a light touch of gloss white or cream on the outside corner of your eyebrow.

Seventh Use your eyebrow pencil to make your eyebrow curve more to the forefront.

Eighth Curl your lashes, apply thin coats of mascara, building the layers gradually to avoid clumping is avoided. The eye makeup, you need these things.

Duration 10-15 mints.

Eyebrows are very important and should be preserved. Eyebrows provide a framework for the eyes and if they are perfect, if your eyes. Waxed eyebrows and should be preserved to create the angel at the top right, in their eyes. Eyebrows are the most important thing in makeup for eyes, eyebrows, if not a proper balance between your eyes are not charming.


Place a crescent of concealer under each eye. Home of the cone on the inside corner of lower eyelid and pull the lever or finger spelling at the outer corner and ends. They conceal dark circles and discoloration, and will focus on putting your beautiful cat eye makeup!

Therefore, the above are steps and tips for eye makeup malicious warmer, which is very popular these days among girls and young women. It is very popular in the United States, Britain, France, Germany and many other countries around the world.


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