Thursday, 16 February 2012

Proffional Pedicure With 6 Steps at Home

Professional foot care to learn some good measures and information on professional pedicure and pretty feet.

Feet, because they see so far from us, often when it comes to being a regular routine beauty. The result? Most of us walk with cracked heels, callused feet and toes dirty scrub that never seem to own - to show not only the look you want in your new sandals.

Summer is the cruelest season for feet, said Reham Bastawros, co-owner of Nail Garden, Los Angeles-Mani Pedi Spa, which takes care of the cuticles of Renee Zellweger, Miley Cyrus and Megan Fox "In winter, when feet in stockings and boots are used, less damage to them, "says Bastawros. However, in late summer, it can take weeks of flip-flops and sandals to make the skin exposed to the feet touching the belt at each stage. "I have heels that are at the point that is considered to be cracked open wounds," he said.

For tootsies impressive throughout the year, follow this routine nutrition:

The 6-step professional pedicureTwice a year (once before the summer season and once before winter break), enjoy a professional pedicure intensive. The choice of a treatment comprising the steps of:

A first salt bath to soften the feet.
The second distance from the cornea, therapists often lead first to solve a special brush to soften the affected area and then with some new tools or disinfected.
A third of sugar scrub to clean entire foot.
A foot massage fourth with a natural oil like grape seed oil, which penetrates deeply into the skin, the back foot to smooth the way.
A fifth hot paraffin package, which seals moisture.
6 and, finally, the fun part: the classic pedicure, where they cut your nails filed, cuticles and nails are painted soft.
Do-It-Yourself Daily Maintenance
First Sit on the edge of your bathroom and apply a foot massage. Choose one that contains favorite essential oils, or your own by mixing 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 tablespoon brown sugar, oatmeal or chickpea flour. Massage the scrub on your feet and leave for five minutes. If time permits, enjoy warm towels or hot water and wrap it around your feet. Moisture sealed and works in the same manner that a treatment with paraffin.
The second means for holding a brush or cloth out in the shower. Pour the liquid soap in your washer and rub chosen until the heel and toes thoroughly cleaned. Three times a week while taking a shower, run a foothold on the heels and soles. Make sure that your file be replaced once a month to prevent bacteria buildup.
Third, the massage immediately after a bath or shower, slather your feet with a body lotion handles thick lotion on your heels and soles.
For an extra boost of moisture quarter, twice a week, before going to bed, rub olive oil on the feet and soles, and sleep with socks.
The nail was warmer colors
Change in fashion colors like lipstick nail shades, and this season has unexpected colors. Well Green, the 2012 Extremydys, West Hollywood, a hand and foot spa, which has the tip of Lady Gaga, Fergie, J. Mary Blige said she tends, yellow, white, bright pink, bright blue and bright are all great this summer and mild "looks great on the fingers of the sun." cream
Nail Garden Bastawros is a fan of metal studs, as seen in Sex and the City II "is a matte painting technology sophisticated style, still feel warm pink with sweet summer dresses and accessories are almost polished night in themselves, "said Bastawros. Slide for an added touch of elegance in a nervous toe ring or ankle bracelet.


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