Thursday, 9 February 2012

Famous Indian Saree 2012 and Excellent Banarasi Saree Styles 2012

Sari or Saree is a strip of cloth, ranging from 5 to 9 meters in length that is draped in various styles. Sari is generally used in special occasions like weddings in Pakistan and India by women. The origins of the sari is used for women in India but across Asia as different according to Saris occasions.Sarees around the world in colors and styles to wear.

The custom of Varanasi or Banarasi on Varanasi, or Benares Sareess is very old. But he continued to be passed from one generation to another and continue to beautify. We found thousands of weavers of Varanasi silk saris in this city are still afraid. The training usually begins when they are as young as 10 years. It is assumed that the production of Banarsi saris gained prominence during the reign of Mughal limits. Persian motifs were separated with Indian designs on silk flowers, typical forged to create the border Banarsi saris today.

Benarasi sari embroidery are also a great opportunity for weddings and other events. Work and other embroidery thread zardozi these saris look sophisticated, classic and elegant. Sequins, beads and heavy buttocks add shine and reflections of the sari. You can also access and a combined net sarifor Benarasi marriage wedding. Colors such as red-brown, brown and red in combination with green and gold are, indeed, only in their marriage. An Indian woman wearing a silk Banarasi saree with all its Solah Sringar (16 makeup), is the dream of any girl in India. It is difficult to find a woman in India, whose wardrobe does not contain Sareess Banarsi. Even the bride's wedding a few belongings incomplete without this coveted possession. Benarasi Sari offers this with a woman who can hardly be matched by any other dress.
India Banarsi sarees blouse is about 5600 son of wire, each 45-inch screen. Saris woven base on the basis of power loom. In the case of the chain knitting artisans to provide the base, which is over 24 to 26 m. One of the most important aspects of India Banarsi blouse weaving saris of India is the teamwork involved. In general, three weavers are involved in the formation of Banarsi saris. Connects one Banarsi saris, while the second rotary ring, in which the packets involved.
Previously used for the border Banarsi silk sarees imported from China, but today are made primarily from Bangalore, India. Banarasi sari designs once used to wear gold and silver child, unique, and therefore cost several lakhs of rupees facts. A day in Varanasi or Banarasi sari consist mainly of the holy city of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh in India, which are exported in large quantities, not only to different regions of the country, but around the world. By buying in India is the best option for the purchase of sari shops or oppose the state visit to India Banarasi with traditional Sareess.


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