Saturday, 11 February 2012

Complete eastern Europe Blue Eye Makeup Tips 2012

Blue eyes are common in Europe and other countries, but behind in eastern Europe. It is very difficult for women the best makeup colors for blue eyes to choose from. Blue eyes are available in four colors everywhere eyes.2 Dark Blue 0.1 average blue eyes. 3 light blue eyes and finally (4) are blue-gray eyes. The women apply eye makeup to enhance the depth of color in their eyes. Here are some tips for blue eye makeup, to help all women and girls for the eyes perfectly. Using these tips can help you find the eye can change, make your eyes are very beautiful and charming.
Everything depends on the colors, the colors that the eyes are actually a species that needs to find the best makeup artist and beauty of their own skin and then it's time, the color of makeup to be beautiful, and some select items time for matching items and clothing as well. The category of colors creates a kind of difficulties, such as the eyes can be the average of the color blue, which can be deep dark blue of his eyes.

1.Dark Blue Eye 

The color of sapphire (blue stone, eye color) Sapphires are commonly worn as jewelry. Blue sapphires can, of course, royal blue, black borders so it is violet. If this happens, you can use almost any color of eye shadow - darker colors. However, limiting the colors easier to focus the eye.

2.Mid-Level Blue Eye

The color spectrum displays a light blue color and you can do everything from display colored midrange use. The darker eye shadow colors are used around the eyes and the line at the top.

3.Light Blue Eye

If you have blue eyes, is likely to have problems choosing colors of eye shadow. Blue eyes may be overwhelmed by the darker colors. Choose a color palette of soft eye shadow in the center and limit the use of a dark color. If you have a darker color you just find love, then used to align the eyes.

4.Gray-Blue Eye

Sometimes it can be hard to say. If you wear a blue sweater that probably appear blue, but if you look like a grizzly bear, probably gray. Moreover, blue-gray eyes also tend to be green. Although this as a problem at first glance, is actually an advantage. You can actually match your eyeshadow with the color of their clothes.
Blue Eyeliner

Includes the best color eyeliner blue eyes:

* The Browns

* Camel

* Taupe

* The shades of light purple

* lavender

* Silver

* Grey

Eyeshadow for blue eyes

Look what eye shadow blue eye color:

* The white shadows

* The gray levels

* Shades of Khaki

* Chocolate Brown

* Camel tones

Blue Eye Make-up Ideas

In fact, the idea of ​​blue eye makeup is beautiful and great for people who have the opportunity and the natural advantage that blue eyes themselves. Basically, the idea of ​​blue eye makeup can be the only people able to overcome the Weather Girls and boys, she's beautiful. There is also a fact that the blue eyes of one of the main colors that look more charming in research and entertainment, too. The essence of blue eyes, is that for different natural colors, perfectly adapted in collaboration with blue eyes.


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