Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Summerizing Your Beauty Routine by Sharon Feiereisen

Now that the breezes of the skin that abuses began to fade, this is to allow time to renew our beauty routine a little. With the warmer weather, drink plenty of water is more important than protecting our skin with SPF (during aging are UVA throughout the year strong, from UVB rays burn in the spring). Similarly, while a basic skin is always a good idea, it is essential to keep in place are sweat season. For more tips on how to transition the beauty of our eyes, we spoke with extraordinary Sonia Kashuk makeup and dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi.
"Lighten and brighten your look," says Kashuk, "because this season is all about replacing the dark tones and deep, and gives your look with the color." He stressed the coral, pink, bronze and other colors to emulate the sun and give the face a fresh and natural glow to be particularly important for the summer. "Simple washes of color on the eyelid is a popular summer look," why Kashuk developed its Shadow Palette 12 shadow on the lids of the eyes of the instruction PureColor. There are a number of the season, pastel, bright and contains metals and dark aresenal replacement in its beauty (which plums, mauves, and all with great depth, the better for the colder months).
Many women use a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation in the warmer months, but said the creation Kashuk can be used in the summer, as it is used on an ad hoc, and it is easy to use but adds that is important to remember to update your base shade. "We have to go a little warmer in the summer months when their skin color some more. If you have a shade that is too light to use, allows the skin to fall flat."

 However, tinted moisturizer to be a viable option, Kashuk says, noting that it is one of their favorite go-to "to make the products, allowing the skin to look at. Bright and shiny, with very some of the stress in hot weather is better to see the skin fresh and radiant, to avoid powders that can be mellow. "What is the color of the season, Kashuk say that, in the sense of knowing is the coral, which rose from the ideal for lips, cheeks and on the eyelid.
Of course, represent only go so far, especially in summer when daylight problems that most of us want. To this end, it is particularly important to our skin. Like many women, have my acne prone skin, when exposed to heat and humidity of summer, said Dr. Tanzi says, it is a mask over the glycolic acid home once a week. "Great," she says, "contain glycolic acid to keep pores clean and skin tone, which is due to sun and salt water, chlorine in the pool or soothe irritations." His go-to is Verdure Rejuvenating Peel.
As a dermatologist, Dr. Tanzi has been quick to point out the importance of sun protection, he said, but the dust of sunscreen employed women, an important and often overlooked option. Use it in your makeup instead of a powder and help you keep it in place (one of my favorites, this is one of Chantecaille). Dust is also to help reduce facial oil on a wet day and can be applied repeatedly without damaging the makeup.
The last important thing to do when preparing the transition to a warmer climate, we take care of your feet. "As far as soft pedicure feet, apply a cream containing urea - The Rea 30 is a good one - with socks every night for a week all the dead skin smooth," says Dr. Tanzi Once the heels. smoothed, using the Pedi-egg on his heels, followed by thick, cracked skin to remove a peeling cream Sephora by OPI as an exfoliant for dry skin hand to really polish the skin. Then rinse with water and can use a moisturizer with shea butter for most of your feet sandal ready.

This is All About Summerizing Your Beauty Routine by Sharon Feiereisen.


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