Monday, 9 April 2012

Bold Beauty Trends Women Actually Want to Wear by Sarah Joynt

When it comes to fashion, it is quite clear that the trends of the season to go to the opening. With the beauty is always a surprise. Although I am not sure that blue lipstick always up and generalization (seriously, the designer), but I it seems, women are willing to risk some of which have their source of makeup. It was revealed in a recent survey interviewed more than 700 women brave beauty trends that are more likely to try and the results were. About 44% of women surveyed said the most likely try a fuchsia lip gloss. The pink lips, while not rare, much less worn than red, and is the perfect way to blend your makeup in spring.

 This does not mean that all women were invited willing to go that far, 30% said they would rather try blue eyeliner. For conservative women, is a good way to get a touch of color without adding too much attention. The most surprising was that that 25% of women surveyed, the mascara would look bold color of your choice. Colored mascara is not only fun, but it really can work to highlight the color of your eyes. Marina, plum and emerald green colors are good start but a bright blue or orange would be a great summer look all white.

 This is All About Bold Beauty Trends Women Actually Want to Wear by Sarah Joynt.


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