Friday, 13 April 2012

Design Your Own Handbag by Lauren Weigle

If Kate Spade and Michael Kors can do about it, why not us? The mode can be combined with the latest trends with creativity and personal style. We all want a piece that nobody else has this adapt-to-wear, shoes and bags. Why not these concepts and create your own portfolio? If you think you are creative or not, there is a small designer in us all. The best part of designing your own bag is that is actually online retailers, who will do the work for you, you should not worry about sewing and embroidery to care. We tested four labels that gives you everything you need to design clutches, totes, hobos, whatever.

 Essex in Los Angeles:
The silhouette of the Essex LA customizable bag is modeled after his signature, the coupling of Louie. A step in the design process is to choose the color of the zipper. You have eight color options before choosing to take the next step in selecting the color of the wall of the bag. Food colors in an additional set of eight. The most important decisions of your choice is the leather pocket. Again, you have eight options. Each option can vary not only in color, but varies in texture as well. Distressed leather and leather and gravel are available in addition to the traditional clean.

 1154 Lill Studio:
Select With over 40 different bags and accessories, and more than 130 different fabric choices, you can design a bag for themselves, which is quite unique. If you need a new clutch cover, plastic bag of the Cross, laptop bag, a bracelet, or want to bum, 1154 Lill has the answer. You can not just your wallet in your own website, but you can make your design in person in Chicago or Boston Convention and store locations.

 Elemental themes:
Discussions of primary or EThreads was hailed by many for its aesthetic quality, durability and design. In addition EThreads is loved for its commitment to the environment with environmentally friendly materials and re-used, with recycled packaging. To design your bag ETHREAD first gives a figure of 15 models. After choosing the fabrics and materials. You can mix in contrasting models for the body, handles and other accents. Finally, you can choose your food with zippers or snaps at you.

  Jenna Claire:
Jenna Claire Handbag shop studio in Dayton, Ohio, but not in the Midwest, then your new portfolio is just a mouse click. Go to their site styles, including containers, diaper bags, backpacks, wallets, watches, sports bags, even bags of food to choose from. When it comes to Jenna Claire bags, each going after every single layout design, can not contain less than 8 contrasting fabrics. Fabric pockets, linings, tapes, braids, flaps, and nothing more can all be decided by you. An added bonus is the description of sensitive products for all budgets. Each describes not only the product, but the details of their uses, capabilities, and how they are used.

This is All About  Design Your Own Handbag by Lauren Weigle.


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