Tuesday, 10 April 2012

vogue Thailand in 2013? (Forum Buzz) by Chrissy Makkas

Vogue will be the position of Thailand powerful in 2013? According to the translation of a Thai-style newspaper about anemone fish forum members, is very possible. She said Thailand is the editor Kullawit Laosuksri work with Condé Nast for the magazine together, and is likely to pass it to the new publication, the editor.

"I am very pleased to have again, but somehow on the fence, at the same time," wrote the anemone fish. "We have our own version of Elle, Bazaar and L'Officiel, but all the coverage and reprinted almost every go anywhere far from boring. I worry that the same way Vogue could be Thailand, because the man can load to take this leave Thailand. "

Psylocke said. "It seems a coincidence, but may work as Vogue incredible being the Netherlands and was the first edition was a complete failure because I was not expecting something good and Vogue Turkey is one of my favorite editions of Vogue, so who knows. However, "he said," I agree that magazines are a new edition in abundance are not really necessary, especially if you can get your hands on the collection of original material, anyway. "

The possibility of a new creative outlet is always exciting, so with any luck Vogue Thailand is capable of producing interesting content original, and maybe we can have one or two blankets to admire from every corner of the world through the magic the Internet. We will keep you informed. Meanwhile, you can see in the May 2012 cover of Vogue China in Arizona Muse. This squint and pretend that the letter is actually Thai, and try what appears to be the debut on the cover.

This is All About vogue Thailand in 2013? (Forum Buzz) by Chrissy Makkas.


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