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Breathing techniques and exercises For the stress and anxiety

Oxygen plays an important role for the welfare of our body.As you breathe, air enters your lungs full of oxygen and oxygen is transferred into the bloodstream. It nourishes cells and enables them to function properly. The replacement takes place at the cellular level, where toxins and toxic waste in the bloodstream and then to the lungs to be replaced again.
During stressful situations we rarely stop to think about our breathing, time pressure is too intense. The adrenaline is pumping blood, which makes the heart beat faster, increases sweating and muscle stress, breathing becomes rapid and shallow deprive our body and brain to receive the total amount of oxygen they need.
Stressful situations can be handled better if we learn breathing techniques and pay attention to such involuntary function of each action.
Pranayama is one of the five principles of yoga and limitation of life and energy. Yoga uses breathing to change the subtle energy in the body for health and wellness. Among the ancient techniques of modern research has shown repeatedly that helps them overcome fear and stress control our breathing, allowing our emotions and calm nerves.
"I can not practice regularly, conscious breathing calm and stimulating, and can even help with health issues related to panic attacks, stress to digestive disorders," the famous Dr. Andrew Weil, MD
Breathing Techniques
The exercise 4-7-8This exercise is designed to relax and soothe the soul. Unlike sedative drugs, which has no side effects and can be done anywhere, anytime. Lying or sitting in a quiet room or a noisy bus - they always have with you when you feel stressed.Position your body as relaxed as possible, close your eyes and breathe through the mouth of an acoustic signal. Empty your lungs as much as possible.
Inhale through your nose to the count of four, filling the chest.Keep your breathing rate for 7 min.
Breathe slowly to the count of 8
This is a cycle. Do not make more than 4 times in the beginning. Try to decrease the number as much as you feel comfortable and you can do.
You can not very often, and increases the power with practice and time. It can be used for sleeping.
Breath counting
They have difficulty sleeping? Try this technique in the practice of Zen is used.
Being in a comfortable position, preferably in the back, folded his hands across his chest. Breathe normally.
Exhale and have a This is the length of their first breath.When you exhale, not slower in the second charge ofDo this until the number of five, if possible. Attach a long sigh.Start the cycle again.
Too busy to not think of anything else would.
Respiratory stimulant
This technique aims to improve energy efficiency and alertness. Exercise is a bit noisy.
Breathe through your nose quickly. Keep your mouth shut. Start by selecting three times per second. This should act quickly to his diaphragm.
Breathe normally after each cycle.
Do it for a short period, about 15 seconds. You can increase the cycle of 5 seconds at a time until a full minute.
This exercise pumps oxygen into your body and if done correctly, you feel stronger, because after a good workout. Worth a try by the crisis of 1400 hours at work.
If you're yawning a lot during the day, is a sign that your body needs oxygen. As a result, you will get your muscles tense, and all you want to do what depression is. This exercise aims to relieve tension and get more oxygen in. Some call the technique "Jewish mother" to breathe.Sit in a comfortable position with your shoulders back so that the lungs have more room to grow.
A long sigh, and is, all the sadness of the world. When you think about yourself, tell Jewish mothers, which means you are selfish, if inhaled by the situation of others less fortunate than you. You get rid of all the bad air in the lungs and self-pity in his head. You can use a single syllable, if desired.
We will fill your lungs with air. The more you sigh, you'll catch more fresh air in.
Repeated 5-8 times.
Done correctly, you must revive you and things in perspective.
Breathing suggestive
This technique combines breathing exercises and relaxation with the soothing effect of auto-suggestions.
Lie in a comfortable position. Relax your muscles and let that sink in bed / carpet / floor. Place your hands on the diaphragm on the rib cage. Elbows should be close to touching the soil surface, so if your hands do not respond, okay.
Breathe through your nose, counting slowly and steadily until you feel your hands moving.
Set your deep breathing in the lungs, the stomach can pass.
Breathe in the same period. Keep a counter to your breathing steady and constant.
Imagine that with every breath you send toxins. Give them a color or shape.
Imagine that with every inhalation of energy rushing into the lungs and then to other body parts. If you know a little anatomy, you can allocate how much each one is breathing down your body.Do it for 5 to 10 minutes per day, if you fill your mind fresh and renewed energy, or the end of the day when you want and need sleep.
Turn one of your involuntary instincts, volunteers, and use these techniques to get where you want without having to use artificial drugs always have side effects.

 This is All About Breathing techniques and exercises For the stress and anxiety. 


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